Ability Drain

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Condition Severity: Strong

   Something has permanently culled a portion of your fundamental competence from your very soul.


  • Diseases, poisons, spells, and other abilities can sometimes permanently drain your ability scores. This drain does not actually reduce an ability, but it does apply a penalty upon the affected creature, depending on the ability score which is drained.
  • For every point of drain you take to a single ability, you suffer the following effects, based on the ability which is drained:
  • Strength: -2 points of damage dealt with all attacks (including spells, ranged, etc).
  • Dexterity: -1 to AC (including Touch AC and Flat-footed AC).
  • Constitution: -5 to your current and maximum hit points.
  • Intelligence: -2 to all skill checks (including non-INT-based skills).
  • Wisdom: -2 from all healing received.
  • Charisma: -1 to the save DC of any abilities you use.
  • The penalties above are cumulative for each point of ability drain inflicted, though no ability score may ever be reduced below 1.

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