Adroit Doom (Feat)

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Your righteous indignation knows no bounds, and foes that attack your companions soon learn the error of their foolish ways.

Prerequisites: <BAB +16 OR Monk 16>, Adroit Diversion (Feat), Adroit Defender (Feat), Combat Expertise (Feat), <Unarmed Strike, Improved (Feat) OR Weapon Focus (Feat)>

Benefit: You no longer take a penalty to AC for using Adroit Defender to grant nearby allies a bonus to AC against melee attacks, and you can spend a swift action, a move action, or an attack action to activate this ability.

You may now use Adroit Diversion up to twice per round to divert attacks to yourself, and when your BAB reaches 26 (or you achieve Monk level 26) you may use Adroit Diversion up to three times per round. Each time you use Adroit Diversion, the affected ally in question is granted an attack of opportunity against the attacking enemy, if they have such attacks available.

Lastly, whenever you take damage from using Adroit Diversion to divert an opponent's attack toward yourself, any and all allies threatening the attacking enemy can make an attack of opportunity against the diverted opponent, if they have such an attack available. (The one ally who you deflected the attack from always gets an attack of opportunity, whether the enemy attack against you hits or misses.)