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Unless otherwise noted, an alchemist cannot select an individual discovery more than once. Some discoveries can only be made if the alchemist has met certain prerequisites first, such as uncovering other discoveries. Discoveries that modify bombs that are marked with an asterisk (*) do not stack. Only one such discovery can be applied to an individual bomb. The DC of any saving throw called for by a discovery is equal to 10 + 1/2 the alchemist's level + the alchemist's Intelligence modifier.

Table: Discoveries

Discovery Prerequisites Description
Acid Bomb * - Deal acid (energy, common) damage with your bombs
Aggressive Mutation Mutation class feature Select a barbarian rage power to use while in mutagen form.
Alchemical Claws * Mutagen class feature Add your bomb damage to a melee attack while in mutagen form.
Alchemical Simulacrum Alchemist 8 Create a lesser simulacrum
Alchemical Zombie Alchemist 8 Create zombie as if created by animate dead UM
Blinding Bomb * Alchemist 8 Your bomb can blind your direct target.
Bottled Ooze Alchemist 6 Preserve an ooze so it can be summoned later UM
Breath Weapon Bomb * Alchemist 6 You can use a bomb as a breath weapon.
Celestial Poisons Alchemist 8 You can make poisons which affect undead and evil outsiders (which are normally immune to poisons.) CoP
Chameleon - Your skin changes colors, granting you a bonus on Stealth checks.
Change Alignment Alchemist 12, infusion discovery Once/day brew an infusion which changes drinkers alignment to good for 10 min./alchemist level (unwilling drinkers gain save to resist.) CoP
Combine Extracts Alchemist 8 Use two formulae at once APG
Concentrate Poison - Combine two poisons for increased effect APG
Concussive Bomb * Alchemist 6 Deal sonic (energy, common) damage with your bombs.
Confusion Bomb * Alchemist 8 Your bomb can baffle your direct target.
Deadly Excretions Alchemist 8, Toxic Skin racial trait Your toxic skin poison deals Constitution damage ARG
Defoliant Bomb - You can create a bomb that deals extra damage to plant creatures ARG
Delayed Bomb Alchemist 8 You can choose to delay the explosion of your bombs APG
Demolition Charge* Alchemist 8 When you create a bomb, you can choose to have it deal damage to an object as if by a sunder combat maneuver. DHB
Dilution Alchemist 12 Create two doses of a potion or elixir from one set of ingredients APG
Directed Bomb - Cause bombs to splash in a 15-ft. cone instead of a 5-foot burst MM
Dispelling Bomb Alchemist 6 Dispel magic with your bombs APG
Doppelganger Simulacrum Alchemist 10, alchemical simulacrum Create a temporary body UM
Elemental Mutagen - Whenever you imbibe a mutagen, you gain resistance to an energy type and a competence bonus on an associated skill check. MM
Elixir of Life Alchemist 16 Create an elixir that can cast true resurrection APG
Enhance Potion - Cause potions to be more powerful APG
Eternal Potion Alchemist 16, Extend Potion Causes a potion you drink to last until the next full moon.
Explosive Bomb * - Your bombs gain an increased area of effect.
Explosive Halitosis Alchemist 14, Grand Mutagen You can create and use bombs while in Mutagen form EP
Extend Potion - Potions you drink last longer.
Fast Bombs Alchemist 8 You can throw multiple bombs in a round APG
Fire Brand - Use a bomb to set your weapon on fire ARG
Force Bomb * Alchemist 8 Deal force (energy, uncommon) damage with your bombs
Frost Bomb* - Deal cold damage with your bombs APG
Grease Bomb* Alchemist 6 When you create a bomb, you can choose to have it create a grease slick upon detonation. DHB
Greater Plague Bomb Alchemist 16, Plague Bomb, Smoke Bomb Your smoke bombs spread a deadly disease ARG
Greater Alchemical Simulacrum Alchemist 14, alchemical simulacrum Create a simulacrum UM
Healing Bomb * - When you create a bomb, you can choose to have it heal damage instead of dealing it.
Healing Touch Alchemist 6, spontaneous healing Heal other creatures with a touch UM
Holy Bombs* Alchemist 8 Bombs you create can deal positive energy damage. CoP
Immolation Bomb * Alchemist 3 Your bombs inflict Burned on their direct target.
Improved Alchemical Claws * Alchemist 14, Grand Mutagen Add your bomb damage to multiple melee attacks while in mutagen form.
Inferno Bomb * Alchemist 16, Smoke Bomb Create an incendiary cloud effect with your bombs
Infuse Mutagen - You can have multiple mutagens prepared APG
Infusion - Your extracts can be used by others.
Lingering Plague Alchemist 8 Creatures have to save more often against your disease-causing bombs ARG
Lingering Spirit Alchemist 4 You can take more damage before being killed UM
Madness Bomb * Alchemist 12 Your bomb can inflict Distracted on your direct target.
Malignant Poison Alchemist 10 As a full-round action, you can increase the save DC of any poison and increase its duration DHB
Mummification Alchemist 10, preserve organs Gain mummy-like immunities UM
Mutagen - Increase physical scores and decrease mental scores UM
Mutagen, Grand Alchemist 12, Greater Mutagen Increase physical scores and decrease mental scores EP
Mutagen, Greater Alchemist 6, Mutagen class feature Increase physical scores and decrease mental scores EP
Mutagen, True Alchemist 16, Grand Mutagen The alchemist improves his mutagen even further EP
Nauseating Flesh Alchemist 12 Anything that bites the alchemist is nauseated UC
Oozing Terror Alchemist 24, Unborn Horror When you use your World-Warping ability, deal bomb damage EP
Parasitic Twin Vestigial Arm (2) You can reroll your saves against certain mental effects UM
Plague Bomb* Alchemist 8, smoke bomb Duplicate the effects of contagion with your bombs UM
Poison Bomb * Alchemist 12, Smoke Bomb Duplicate the effects of cloudkill with your bombs
Poison Conversion Alchemist 6 You can convert one form of poison to another form UC
Precise Bombs - Exclude one or more creatures from a bomb's effects, at the expense of damage dealt.
Preserve Organs - Sneak attacks and critical hits are less likely to do damage UM
Psychoactive Bomb * Alchemist 6 Your bombs make it easier to manipulate others.
Rag Doll Mutagen - Your body becomes rubbery and easy to contort ARG
Ranged Baptism Alchemist 4 You can use holy water as a splash weapon and any squares subject to its effects (including creatures affected by splash damage) or that contain creatures subject to its effects are also affected as if by the consecrate spell. CoP
Rocket Bomb Alchemist 6 Create bombs with less accuracy but more ka-boom!
Sandstone Solution - Use a potion to make sand or dirt as hard as stone. PoS
Scrap Bomb - Your bombs create shrapnel and cause bleed damage ARG
Sebaceous Cyst* Alchemist 6 Spew out cones of bomb damage while in Mutagen form EP
Shock Bomb * - Deal electricity damage with your bombs.
Siege Bomb* Alchemist 12, explosive bomb Deal bomb damage with siege weapons UC
Smoke Bomb * - Create a fog cloud effect with your bombs.
Spontaneous Healing - You can heal more rapidly UM
Sticky Bomb * Alchemist 10 Your bombs can hinder your direct target.
Sticky Poison Alchemist 6 Poison applied to a weapon lasts longer APG
Stink Bomb * Smoke Bomb Create a stinking cloud effect with your bombs.
Strafe Bomb - Your bomb splash damage affects a line of squares instead of a radius.
Sunlight Bomb* Alchemist 10, blinding bomb Create a bright sunlight effect with your bombs UM
Tanglefoot Bomb * Alchemist 12 Your bomb deals no damage, but entangles all creatures in the radius.
Tentacle Alchemist 6 Gain an extra limb UM
Tumor Familiar - Gain a familiar that is part of the alchemist's body UM
Underwater Demolition - You can create and throw bombs underwater ARG
Vestigial Arm Alchemist 6 Gain an extra arm UM
Wings Alchemist 6 Gain wings that let you fly UM

Grand Discoveries

Grand Discovery Prerequisites Benefits
Acidic Blood Alchemist 20, Acid Bomb The alchemist's blood turns to acid permanently. EP
Alchemical Abomination Alchemist 20, True Mutagen You improve your mutagen further EP
Atonal Alchemist 20, Concussive Bomb The alchemist gains immunity to Sonic damage. The alchemist is not affected by mundane hazardous effects brought on by sonic environments. The alchemist's voice becomes monotone and his movements seem to echo (or another fitting physical change). EP
Awakened Intellect Alchemist 20 The alchemist's constant exposure to strange chemicals has expanded his mind. His Intelligence score permanently increases by 2 points. EP
Carpet Bomber * Alchemist 20, Explosive Bomb Your bombs have an even greater area of effect.
Caustic Temperament Alchemist 20, Acid Bomb The alchemist gains acid immunity. EP
Change Alignment, Greater Alchemist 20, Change Alignment, Infusion The effects of the alchemist's change alignment infusion become permanent and can only be reversed by a wish or miracle. EP
Corrosive Grasp Alchemist 20, Philosopher's Stone An alchemist's melee touch attacks cause an unattended metal object to swiftly rust and corrode. EP
Eternal Youth Alchemist 20 The alchemist has discovered a cure for aging, and from this point forward he takes no penalty to his physical ability scores from advanced age. If the alchemist is already taking such penalties, they are removed at this time. Furthermore, the alchemist cannot be magically aged, even temporarily. EP
Fast Healing Alchemist 20 The alchemist's flesh responds to damage with shocking speed-he gains fast healing 5. EP
Gaussian Alchemist 20, Shock Bomb The alchemist gains electricity immunity. EP
Heart of Ice Alchemist 20, Frost Bomb The alchemist gains cold immunity EP
Hyper-Tweaking Alchemist 20 Gain 6 permanent Stat points which you may distribute as you wish, up to two points per Stat. However, he also ages twice as quickly as normal. EP
Icarus Ascendant Alchemist 20, Wings discovery or an ability to grant himself wings The alchemist's wings are now retractable and flight speed increases by 30 feet and maneuverability becomes perfect EP
Mad Bomber Alchemist 23, Carpet Bomber Add your INT score to your bomb damage, in addition to INT modifier.
Metaphasic Alchemist 20, Force Bomb The alchemist gains immunity to force damage. In addition, the Alchemist can make a Fort save to ignore certain Force effects. EP
Midassian Scion Alchemist 23, Philosopher's Stone The alchemist may now use his Philosopher's Stone ability a number of times each month equal to his intelligence modifier. EP
Mutagenic Immutability Alchemist 23, Eternal Youth The alchemist becomes immune to attribute drains and attribute damage. EP
Mutation Mastery Alchemist 26, Mutation Suppression Temporarily suppress the positive and negative effects of your mutagen a number of times per day equal to your INT mod. EP
Mutation Suppression Alchemist 23, True Mutagen Temporarily suppress the positive and negative effects of your mutagen a number of times per day equal to your INT mod. EP
Philosopher's Stone Alchemist 20 The alchemist learns how to create a philosopher's stone, and can do so once per month at no cost EP
Poison Touch Alchemist 20 The alchemist gains a poisonous touch, as if under the effects of a poison spell. He can suppress or activate this ability as a free action. EP
Protean Resistance Alchemist 26, Parasitic Twin Once per round, as a swift action, the Alchemist may choose an energy type and gain significant resistance to it. EP
Soulfire Alchemist 20 The alchemist gains fire immunity. EP
Unborn Horror Alchemist 23, Alchemical Abomination You have gone TOO FAR! The alchemist improves his mutagen even further EP
WHAT HATH SCIENCE WROUGHT? Alchemist 29, Unborn Horror You were warned. The Gods Themselves begged you not to do this. The alchemist perfects his mutagen, and the world trembles. EP