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1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Level 1 Alchemist Extracts

Name Lvl Description Rev?
Adhesive Spittle 1 Spit immobilizing goop at a creature. Y
Adjuring Step 1 You can move slowly and safely and still cast spells, until you move quickly. Y
Ant Haul 1 Increases the carrying capacity of a creature by 10 pounds per caster level. Y
Anticipate Peril 1 Targets gain a scaling bonus on their next initiative check. Y
Blend 1 Gain a bonus to Stealth, and initiate a Stealth stance without cover or concealment. Y
Blurred Movement 1 As Blur (Spell), but only while you are moving, unless you move twice in a single round. Y
Body Capacitance 1 Gain protection against Electricity attacks and release the energy as a Touch Attack. Y
Bomber's Eye 1 Increases thrown weapon range; +1 Insight Bonus to attack. N
Bouncy Body 1 The target's flesh becomes flexible and rubbery. Y
Break 1 Break an object or creature in range. Y
Cure Light Wounds 1 Cures 2d8 damage + 1/lvl (max +10). Y
Disguise Self 1 Changes your appearance. Y
Endure Elements Exist comfortably in hot or cold regions. N
Enlarge Person 1 Humanoid creature gains one size category. Y
Expeditious Retreat 1 Your base land speed increases by 30 ft Enhancement Bonus. N
Firebelly 1 A magical fire warms your belly, granting you ER 5/fire and as a standard action, you can breathe a 15-foot cone of flame that deals 1d4 fire damage (REFL half, SR applies). N
Heightened Awareness 1 +2 Competence Bonus on Perception checks and on all Knowledge checks that you are trained in. N
Hydraulic Push 1 Wave of water damages and pushes an enemy one square. Y
Illusion of Calm 1 You appear to be standing still, even when you take some actions. N
Jump 1 Subject gets Enhancement Bonus bonus on Acrobatics checks. N
Keen Senses 1 Subject gains +2 Competence Bonus on Perception checks and gains Low-Light Vision. N
Linebreaker 1 You gain a +20 foot bonus to your base speed when charging and a +2 bonus on combat maneuver checks made to Bull Rush or Overrun. N
Long Arm 1 Your arms lengthen, giving you extra reach. N
Monkey Fish 1 Gain a climb speed and a swim speed of 10 ft. or more for a time. Y
Negate Aroma 1 Subject cannot be tracked by Scent. N
Phantom Blood 1 Gain temporary hp if CON loss would knock you out or kill you. N
Poisoned Egg 1 Transform the contents of a normal egg into a single dose of Simple Venom. Y
Reduce Person 1 Humanoid creature halves in size. N
Shield 1 Invisible disc gives +4 Shield Bonus to AC, blocks Magic Missile (Spell) attacks. N
Shock Shield 1 A shield of force protects you until you dismiss it in an explosion of electricity. N
Shocking Grasp 1 Touch delivers Electricity (energy, common) damage. Y
Targeted Bomb Admixture 1 Empowers bombs you throw to deal more damage to a single creature. N
Touch of the Sea 1 Greater Swim speed becomes 30 ft. N
True Strike 1 +20 Insight Bonus on your next attack roll. N

Level 2 Alchemist Extracts

Name Lvl Description Rev?
Ablative Barrier 2 Surrounds the target with layers of force. N
Acute Senses 2 Subject gains an increasing Enhancement Bonus on Perception checks. N
Aid 2 +1 Morale Bonus on attack rolls and saves against [fear], 1d8 temporary hp +1/lvl (max +10). N
Air Step 2 Tread unsteadily on air, with limitations. N
Alchemical Allocation 2 Gain potion's benefits without consuming it. N
Arrow Eruption 2 Creates duplicates of an arrow used to kill a creature in the previous round. N
Barksin 2 Grants +2 (or higher) Enhancement Bonus to Natural Armor. N
Bear's Endurance Subject gains +4 Enhancement Bonus to CON for 1 min/lvl. N
Blade Tutor's Spirit 2 Attack penalties you choose to suffer are reduced. Y
Blistering Invective 2 Make an Intimidate check against all foes within 30 feet; those demoralized also take Fire Damage. N
Blood Armor 2 Your blood hardens when you are wounded, increasing your AC. Y
Blood Blaze 2 Aura that makes injured creatures spray burning blood. N
Blood Transcription 2 Learn a spell from the target's blood. N
Blur 2 Attacks miss subject 20% of the time, if the subject moves at least 15 feet each round. Y
Bull's Strength 2 Subject gains +4 Enhancement Bonus to STR for 1 min/lvl. N
Catatonia 2 Make a willing target appear to be dead. N
Cat's Grace 2 Subject gains +4 Enhancement Bonus to DEX for 1 min/lvl. N
Cure Moderate Wounds 2 Cures 4d8 damage +1/lvl (max. +20). N
Deathwine 2 Turn a healing potion into a pool that does not heal but increases the caster level of the next Necromancy spell you cast. N
Defensive Shock 2 Electricity Damage your attackers. N
Delay Disease 2 Gain immunity to disease for 24h. N
Delay Poison 2 Stops poison from harming subject for 1 hour/lvl. N
Eagle's Splendor 2 +4 Enhancement Bonus to CHA for 1 min/lvl. N
Elemental Touch 2 Gain energy damage Touch Attack. N
Empower Holy Water 2 You empower a flask of Holy Water to deal additional damage to Undead or Outsider creatures. N
False Life 2 Gain 1d10 temporary hp + 1/lvl (max +10). N
Fire Breath 2 Exhale a cone of flame at will. N
Fire Sneeze 2 Launch flaming, forceful loogies at your enemies. N
Focused Scrutiny 2 Gain skill bonuses when interacting with the target. N
Fox's Cunning 2 +4 Enhancement Bonus to INT for 1 min/lvl. N
Heroic Fortune 2 The target gains 1 temporary Action Point . N
Invisibility 2 Subject is invisible until the end of its next encounter. Y
Ironskin 2 Your skin hardens and takes on the color and texture of rough iron. N
Jitterbugs 2 Prevents target from taking hold action, ready action, or total defense. N
Kinetic Reverberation 2 Channels the force of an enemy's attack back into its weapon. N
Least Polymorph 2 Assume form of a Small or Medium Humanoid. Y
Levitate 2 Subject moves up and down at your direction. N
Merge with Familiar 2 Your Tumor Familiar merges harmlessly into your body. N
Owl's Wisdom 2 Subject gains +4 Enhancement Bonus to WIS for 1 min/lvl. N
Perceive Cues 2 +5 Competence Bonus on Perception and Sense Motive checks. N
Protection from Arrows 2 Subject gains DR 10/Magic against ranged attacks. N
Resist Energy 2 Ignores a scaling number of points of damage per attack from specified energy type. N
Restoration, Lesser 2 Removes a weak status condition
See Invisibility 2 Reveals invisible creatures or objects. Y
Shadow Bomb Admixture 2 Empowers bombs you throw to cover the target with a shadowy substance that grants it concealment and limits its vision. N
Skinsend 2 Animate and possess your own skin as if it were a separate creature. N
Spider Climb 2 Grants Greater Climb of 20 feet. N
Squeeze 2 The target becomes flexible regardless of its actual size and mass. It can move through areas at least half its size with no penalty for squeezing. N
Touch Injection 2 You can deliver an infusion, elixir, poison, or potion as a Touch Attack. N
Transmute Potion to Poison 2 Spit poison onto weapon after drinking potion. N
Undetectable Alignment 2 Conceals the alignment of an object or a creature from all forms of divination. N
Vine Strike 2 Bristles burst from your body, allowing you to deal additional piercing damage with melee attacks. Y
Vomit Swarm 2 Produces a spider swarm that fights for you. N
Waters of Maddening 2 Create a more potent unholy water. N

Level 3 Alchemist Extracts

Name Lvl Description Rev?
Absorb Toxicity 3 You become immune to diseases and poisons, absorb one, and then spread it to others. N
Absorbing Touch 3 Caster absorbs an item for 1 day/lvl. N
Adjustable Disguise 3 As Disguise Self (Spell), but you can change the disguise as a swift action. Y
Arcane Sight 3 Magical auras become visible to you. N
Aura Sight 3 Alignment auras become visible to you. N
Battle Trance 3 Gain Ferocity (Ex) monster special ability, temporary hit points, and a morale bonus against effects. Half-Orc only. N
Blood Scent 3 Gain scent ability against injured creatures. N
Bloodhound 3 Enhances sense of smell and grants the caster the Scent special ability. N
Burrow 3 Target gains a burrow speed of 15. N
Burst of Speed 3 Briefly increase your base speed, and do not provoke attacks of opportunity from movement N
Cure Serious Wounds 4 Cures 6d8 damage + 1/lvl (max +30). Y
Delay Poison, Communal 3 As Delay Poison (Spell), but you may divide the duration among creatures touched N
Displacement 3 Attacks miss subject 50% of the time, if the subject moves at least 30 feet each round. N
Elemental Aura 3 Creates an aura of energy around you. N
Endure Elements, Communal 3 As Endure Elements (Spell), but you may divide the duration among creatures touched. N
Eruptive Postules 3 Acid boils burst when you are attacked. N
Excruciating Deformation 3 Target takes DEX and CON damage. N
Fearsome Husk 3 Make a monstrously distorted duplicate of you and control it. N
Firefall 3 Causes fire to burst up, dealing heavy Fire damage and inflicting Singed. Y
Fly 3 Subject flies at a speed of 60 ft. N
Gaseous Form 3 Subject becomes insubstantial and can fly slowly. N
Haste Two or more allies move faster, and gain a bonus attack on a full attack action. Y
Heroism 3 Gives +2 Morale Bonus on attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks. N
Invisibility Sphere 3 Makes everyone within 10 ft. Invisibility (Spell). N
Lesser Polymorph 3 Assume form of a Small or Medium Monster of any sort, with no Ranged abilities. Y
Lightning Lash Bomb Admixture 3 Empowers bombs you throw with a ward that deals lightning damage each time those damaged by the bomb move more than 5 feet. N
Nauseating Trail 3 Creature leaves a trail of Stinking Cloud (Spell) squares. N
Orchid's Drop 3 Heal 2d10 points of damage when you drink a mutagen, gain +2 Alchemical Bonus on saves. N
Protection from Arrows, Communal 3 As Protection from Arrows (Spell), but you may divide the duration among creatures touched. N
Protection from Energy Absorbs 12 points/lvl of damage from one kind of energy. N
Remove Blindness 3 Cures normal or magical blindness or deafness. N
Remove Curse Frees object or person from curse. N
Remove Disease 3 Attempts to cure a disease in the target.
Resist Energy, Communal 3 This spell functions like Resist Energy (Spell), except you divide the duration in 10-minute intervals among the creatures touched. N
Spider Climb, Communal 3 As Spider Climb (Spell), but you may divide the duration among creatures touched. N
Thorn Body 3 Your attackers take 1d6 +1 damage/lvl. N
Water Breathing 3 Subjects can breathe underwater. N

Level 4 Alchemist Extracts

Name Lvl Description Rev?
Adjustable Polymorph 4 As Least Polymorph (Spell), but you can change the shape as a swift action. Y
Air Walk Subject treads on air as if solid (climb or descend at 45-degree angle). N
Blight 4 Inflicts heavy Necrotic damage, to which Animals and Plants have a penalty. Y
Caustic Blood 4 You imbue your blood with corrosive acid. N
Cure Critical Wounds Cures 8d8 damage + 2/lvl (max +40). Y
Death Ward 4 Grants bonuses against "Death" spells and negative energy. N
Detonate 4 Inflicts 1d8/lvl energy damage to all creatures within 15 ft. N
Discern Lies Reveals deliberate falsehoods. N
Dragon's Breath 4 Gives you a dragon's Breath Weapon. N
Duplicate Familiar 4 You create a duplicate of a Familiar. N
Earth Glide 4 Gain the ability to pass through stone, dirt and earth. N
Echolocation 4 Sonic sense gives you Blindsense 40 ft. N
Elemental Body I 4 Turns you into a Small elemental. N
Eyes of the Void 4 See 60 ft. in darkness, including magical darkness. N
False Life, Greater 4 Gain 2d10 temporary hp + 1/lvl. N
Fire Shield 4 Creatures attacking you take Fire/Cold Damage; you're protected from heat or cold. N
Fluid Form 4 Immune to critical hits, increases reach 10 ft., Swim speed, and breathe water. N
Freedom of Movement 4 Subject moves normally despite impediments to restrict movement.
Healing Warmth 4 As Protection from Energy (Spell) (Fire Damage only), but can spend 12 points of energy absorption to heal 1d8. N
Invisibility, Greater 4 As Invisibility (Spell), but works against all senses. Y
Miasmatic Form 4 As gaseous form except your turn into a stinking or poison cloud. N
Mutagenic Touch 4 You can pass a weaker version of your mutagen to another creature. N
Neutralize Poison Immunizes subject against poison, or detoxifies poison in or on subject.
Persistent Vigor 4 Gain fast healing 2, immunity to bleed, and faster recovery from diseases and poisons. N
Polymorph 4 Assume form of a Small or Medium Monster of any sort, with weak Ranged abilities. Y
Restoration 4 Removes a weak or moderate status condition.
Rubberskin 4 Bludgeoning and falling damage you take is converted into non-lethal damage. N
Scorching Ash Form 4 As Gaseous Form (Spell), except you become a swirl of ash. N
Spell Immunity Subject is immune to one spell per 4 caster levels. N
Stoneskin 4 Grants DR 10/Adamantine. N
Touch of Slime 4 Touch infests a target with Green Slime. N
Unbearable Brightness 4 Your glowing body dazzles or blinds others. N
Universal Formula 4 Acts as any extract 3rd level or lower. N
Viper Bomb Admixture 4 Empowers bombs you throw to summon poisonous biting vipers that bite those hit or splashed by the bomb. N
Vitriolic Mist 4 As Fire Shield (Spell), except Acid Damage. N

Level 5 Alchemist Extracts

Name Lvl Description Rev?
Acidic Spray 5 Deals heavy Acid damage and inflicts the Singed condition. Y
Air Walk, Communal 5 As Air Walk (Spell), but you may divide the duration among creatures touched. N
Ancestral Memory 5 Gain insight into current situation. N
Cone of Cold 5 Inflicts intense cold damage in a large cone. Y
Delayed Consumption 5 Extract doesn't come into effect until you want it to. N
Dust Form 5 You become an incorporeal creature of dust for a short period of time. N
Elemental Body II 5 Turns you into a Medium elemental. N
Elude Time 5 Puts you in temporary suspended animation. N
Languid Bomb Admixture 5 Empowers bombs you throw to cause fatigue in those directly hit or splashed by the bomb. N
Magic Jar 5 Enables possession of another creature. N
Nightmare Sends vision dealing heavy psychic damage and fatigue. Y
Overland Flight 5 You fly at a speed of 40 ft. and can hustle over long distances. N
Planar Adaptation 5 Resist harmful effects of other plane. N
Resurgent Transformation 5 Gain second wind when close to death. N
Sending Delivers short message anywhere, instantly. N
Spell Resistance 5 Subject gains SR 12 + level. N
Stoneskin, Communal 5 As Stoneskin (Spell), but you may divide the duration among creatures touched. N

Level 6 Alchemist Extracts

Name Lvl Description Rev?
Astral Projection 6 Projects you and others onto Astral Plane. Y
Caging Bomb Admixture 6 Your bombs create a cage of force that traps creatures inside the bomb's splash radius. N
Elemental Body III 6 Turns you into a Large elemental. N
Eyebite Target becomes panicked, sickened, and comatose. N
Form of the Dragon I 6 Turns you into a Medium Dragon. N
Heal 6 Cures 10 points/lvl damage, all diseases and mental conditions. N
Magnetic Field 6 You create a spherical magnetic field that surrounds you to a range of 30 feet and follows you for the duration of the spell. N
Mislead Turns you invisible and creates illusory double. N
Polymorph, Greater 6 Assume form of a Small, Medium or Large Monster of any sort, with weak Ranged abilities. Y
Shadow Walk Step into shadow to travel rapidly. Y
Sonic Form 6 Turn yourself into a creature of semisolid sound. N
Statue 6 Subject can become a statue at will, being subject only to Sunders. N
Stone Fist 6 Your unarmed strikes are lethal. Y
True Seeing 6 Lets you see all things as they really are. N
Twin Form 6 Creates controllable duplicate of you. N
Walk through Space 6 You can spend a move action to teleport 30 feet or to stand while prone without provoking attacks of opportunity. N
Wind Walk 6 You and your allies turn vaporous and travel fast. N