Ambush Predator (Rage Power)

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Ambush Predator (Ex)

Requires: Barbarian 1, Feral Mien
Benefit: Once per round as a free action, you can activate Ambush Predator to add +1d6 points of precision damage to your next attack, as long as the attack is made while you are stealthed or concealed from your target, and you make the attack before the start of your next turn. The damage from this attack goes up by an additional +1 per 6 barbarian class levels you have, dropping fractions. Thus, Ambush Predator grants +1d6 at levels 1 to 5, +2d6 at levels 6 to 11, +3d6 at levels 12 to 17, etc., to a maximum of +6d6 at level 33. The precision damage granted by Ambush Predator only applies to the first attack you make from stealth/concealment, and only if the attack successfully hits the target. If you make an attack which includes more than one target, you choose which (successfully hit) target takes damage from Ambush Predator.


  • 10th Level: If you make an attack augmented with Ambush Predator against a creature which has not yet acted during this encounter, the attack ignores any DR the creature may have.
  • 20th Level: The precision damage caused by Ambush Predator is now bonus damage. Bonus damage is not multiplied on a critical hit, but it deals full damage to creatures hardened or immune to precision damage.
  • 30th Level: Attacks augmented with Ambush Predator always ignore a target's DR, even if the target has already acted during this encounter.