Archon's Trumpet (Spell)

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Level: Sorcerer/Wizard 7
School: Enchantment


Casting Time: Standard Action
Components: V, S, M (A gold-inlaid paper cone, worth 1 gp.)


Range: Self
Target or Area: all creatures in target area (friend or foe), in a 30 foot cone-shaped burst, a 6x6 square space adjacent to the caster.
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Fortitude partial
Save DC: 10 + caster stat modifier + 1/2 caster level
Spell Resistance: Yes


You raise a golden cone to your lips, and it is shrouded in the seeming of a great trumpet. You sound the trumpet, a mighty clarion call, and your victims are laid low before you.
Upon sounding the spell, all creatures in the area suffer (Circle 7 damage): 1d6+2 points of damage per character level (max 20d6+40 at character level 20) of thundercrash (energy, rare) damage.