Ash Storm (Spell)

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Level: Sorcerer/Wizard 3
School: Conjuration (creation)


Casting Time: Standard Action
Components: V, S, M (A pinch of salted ash, worth 1 gp.)


Range: Long (200 ft. + 20 ft./lvl)
Target or Area: cylinder (10-ft. radius, 25 ft. high), a 5x5 square area
Duration: Until the start of your next turn
Saving Throw: Reflex partial
Save DC: 10 + caster stat modifier + spell level
Spell Resistance: Yes


You hiss the dry sounds of this spell quietly, puffing salted ash into the air with your hands. In the area of effect, ash falls like the end of the world. The driving ash blocks all sight (even darkvision) within the spell's area of effect until the start of your next round, and falling cinders inflict (Circle 3 damage): 1d6 points of damage per character level (max 10d6 at character level 10) of abrasion (physical, uncommon) to all creatures wholly or partially within the area of effect, unless they make a saving throw as described above to only take half damage.