Bell Ringers Rod

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Bell Ringer's Rod

Bell Ringer's Rod

CL 5 Magic Rod • Weak Enchantment
Cost: 11,250 gp
Weight: 3 lbs.

This rod is a 30-inch long shaft of gleaming metal with a gold tint (though it is not gold). The top of the rod curves into a large hook shape, like a shepherd's crook, and in the center of this hooked area is suspended a bell. The bell is made of the same golden-hued metal as the shaft, and has no clapper. Neither does the bell swing when the rod is shaken. In fact, there appears to be no way to make the bell ring at all. That is, until the rod is activated.

Wielders of this rod can utter a command word as a standard action to cast a Bells spell, using up one charge from the rod.

When the rod is activated, it casts a spell that has two different functions, either of which can be useful. The wielder must choose which function they are activating at the time the command word is issued.
The first function creates the delicate sound of a tinkling silver bell at any point within 30 feet of the wielder to which there is line of effect. This sound can be heard within a 20 foot radius of the point chosen, and can serve handily as a distraction. Any allies of the caster gain a +2 arcane bonus to their Stealth skill if it is rolled in the same round that the rod is activated, and they can initiate Stealth without the need for cover or concealment during this round.
The second function is far more direct and deadly. The caster chooses a target square within 30 feet and the delicate sound of a silver bell chimes there, affecting all creatures who can hear the sound in a 7x7 area centered on that square. The innocuous sound drills into their skulls like the keening buzz of a mosquito's wings, setting teeth on edge and driving them into fits to try and escape it. All affected creatures take an amount of Rugosic (physical, uncommon) damage based on the caster level of the rod. If they make a WILL saving throw (DC based on the rod's caster level), they only take half damage. Being blind to sound renders them immune, even though the damage is not sonic.

If a targeted creature has spell resistance, the wielder of the rod must first make a Bailiwick skill check against the target's Maneuver Defense. If they equal or exceed this number, the spell is resolved against the target as normal. If the check fails, the spell is cast from the rod (using up a charge) but has no effect on the target creature.

You can purchase this rod at a higher creator level than the minimum required to cast the spell. Doing so increases the potency of the spell as described above, but also increases the cost, as follows:

Creator Level Cost Save DC Damage Dealt
- -  - -
- -  - -
- -  - -
- -  - -
5 11,250 gp  18 5d6
6 15,000 gp  19 6d6
7 18,750 gp  20 7d6
8 24,000 gp  21 8d6+8
9 30,000 gp  22 9d6+9
10 37,500 gp  24 10d6+10
11 46,500 gp  25 11d6+11
12 56,250 gp  26 12d6+12
13 68,250 gp  26 13d6+13
14 84,000 gp  27 14d6+14
15 106,500 gp  28 15d6+15
16 144,750 gp  29 16d6+32
17 195,000 gp  30 17d6+34
18 270,000 gp  30 18d6+36
19 360,000 gp  31 19d6+38
20 480,000 gp  32 20d6+40
Creator Level Cost Save DC Damage Dealt
21 637,500 gp  32 21d6+42
22 855,000 gp  33 22d6+44
23 1,132,500 gp  34 23d6+46
24 1,500,000 gp  35 24d6+72
25 1,950,000 gp  35 25d6+75
26 2,625,000 gp  36 26d6+78
27 3,450,000 gp  36 27d6+81
28 4,650,000 gp  37 28d6+84
29 6,150,000 gp  38 29d6+87
30 8,175,000 gp  39 30d6+90
31 10,800,000 gp  40 31d6+93
32 14,175,000 gp  41 32d6+128
33 18,750,000 gp  42 33d6+132
34 24,825,000 gp  43 34d6+136
35 33,075,000 gp  44 35d6+140

This magic item does not require an attunement period, and grants its benefits immediately upon being worn or wielded.

Creation: Creator (Feat), Bailiwick Check (DC 20 (10 + double CL)), Languid (tier 1) remnant, An item symbolic of the enchantment, 5,625 gp (minus cost of symbolic item).