Blinding Flash (Feat)

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You can temporarily blind your opponent by using your weapon or shield to flash sunlight into its eyes.

Prerequisites: Level 11, Combat Expertise (Feat)

Benefit: As a swift action, you can expertly angle the blade of your weapon or shield to reflect light into an opponent's eyes, Dazzling your foe for 1 round. This feat functions as a gaze attack against a single target within 30 feet, and the target must make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 your character level + your Dex modifier) to resist the effect. This is a sight-dependent effect, and does not work on creatures that are blind to sight, or have no visual senses. You must be proficiently wielding a weapon or shield with a polished or reflective surface in order to use this feat. You must be in an area of bright light to use this feat (such as outdoors in daylight, a brightly lit room, etc), or possess on your person some source of bright light, such as a sunrod, lantern, light stone, etc. The GM adjudicates any unusual circumstances.

Special: At level 21, this gaze attack may be directed at up to two foes within range. At level 31, this increases to three foes.