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Condition Severity: Weak

   You have taken a wound that needs attention.


  • The next healing, successful Heal check, or application of temporary hit points granted to you grant you no benefit at all, except to remove this condition.
  • This ability cannot stack with itself.

Ended By

  • Bruised can be ended by a Heal check, or through the application of any effect that cures hit point damage or grants temporary hit points.
  • The DC of the Heal check is an Average DC based on the CR of the creature or effect that inflicted the bruised condition.
  • The Heal check, healing or temporary hit points provide no benefit other than to stop the Bruised condition.
  • Note that class abilities which include a built-in healing effect and do other things in addition to healing (such as a Druid's Wild Shape) still function normally, except that the healing component of the ability provides no healing, but instead removes the Bruised condition.
  • Bruised does not end at the end of the encounter, instead persisting until cleared, as described above.