Calm Air (Spell)

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Level: Druid 4Sorcerer/Wizard 5
School: Abjuration


Casting Time: Standard Action
Components: V, S


Range: Long (200 ft. + 20 ft./lvl)
Target or Area: a cylinder of air, 40 foot radius, 40 ft. high (a 17 x 17 x 8 square area)
Duration: Until the end of the current encounter, the end of the next encounter, or until the start of a full night's rest, whichever is sooner
Saving Throw: none
Save DC: -
Spell Resistance: Yes


This spell calms the air and disperses fog, dust, and other particles. The wind force in the area is reduced in strength to light winds at most, and all clouds or fogs are dispersed, although parts of non-magical clouds that extend beyond the area are not affected. All Environmental Effects due to high winds are negated. Yes, it is possible to cast this in the middle of a hurricane, and the howling winds stop dead at the edges of the area of effect. Note that this spell has no effect on any other Environmental Effects, so the towering waves of the hurricane may still present issues.
This spell can be used to disperse Obscuring spells. Gases, fogs, and vapors that intersect the squares occupied by this spell are dispersed in those squares.
Obscuring spells include: Obscuring (Acid Fog (Spell),  Aggressive Thundercloud (Spell),  Aggressive Thundercloud, Greater (Spell),  Barrow Haze (Spell),  Cloudkill (Spell),  Euphoric Cloud (Spell),  Fog Cloud (Spell),  Incendiary Cloud (Spell),  Mind Fog (Spell),  Nauseating Trail (Spell),  Plague Storm (Spell),  Solid Fog (Spell),  Stinking Cloud (Spell),  Twilight Haze (Spell)), and any other effects the GM rules as being affected.
This spell lays an arcane or divine charge on its target(s), depending on the caster who is casting the spell. If the targets are something other than you or another creature (such as an object or area), the spell lays an arcane or divine charge on you, the caster. Divine casters lay a divine charge, and arcane casters lay an arcane charge. Targets which already have an arcane or divine charge present must choose which to keep if the new spell has the same charge type. Only one arcane charge and one divine charge can ever be present on a target at a time.
The charge this spell lays affects the caster, not the creatures in the area.