Catch on fire

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Characters exposed to burning oil, bonfires, and non-instantaneous magic fires might find their clothes, hair, or equipment on fire. Spells with an instantaneous duration don’t normally set a character on fire, since the heat and flame from these come and go in a flash.

Characters that catch fire gain the Burned condition, suffering damage each round depending on the source CR (challenge rating) that caused the fire in the first place (see Burned). The burned condition can be ended by expending a standard action to extinguish yourself, or by having an adjacent ally expend a move action to do the same.

Items worn or carried by a burning character are not subject to damage from the fire, unless the GM declares otherwise.

Unattended objects that catch on fire also suffer damage from the fire, but in the form of Siege Damage, which reduces the object's Durability. The amount of siege damage inflicted is based on the source CR (challenge rating) that caused the fire (see Burned). Once an object's durability is reduced to 0, it becomes broken. Non-magical objects reduced below 0 durability are destroyed. Magical objects cannot normally be destroyed without the use of artifacts, extremely powerful magic, or plot devices.