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This page will be used to log changes made to Epic Path which directly affect players in current campaigns. This will allow them to quickly determine if any changes have been made that concern them, without having to wade through hundreds of entries in the Recent Changes page.

This page will probably not contain detailed notes on what changes were made (or why). More often, it will only be a link to the updated page, or a very brief summary.

Changes to the game which have no impact on players in current campaigns will not be put here. Go to the recent changes page for that.

30 Nov 2017

  • updated Blind - added sections for non-targeting senses and natural blindness.
  • updated the Bard's Soothing Performance song, which now provides a pool of healing, instead of a fixed amount of fast healing.
  • Renamed Monster Templates to Monster Patterns. This was done to de-duplicate the game system from the wiki software.

2 Dec 2017

  • Spells:
  • removed See Alignment spell - breaks stories, and steps on paladin ability.
  • changed Ant Haul - only 10 lbs per caster level increased carry capacity instead of "triple".
  • Note: this may affect magic items in the party! You can either cash them in for what you paid, or update them to the new rules.

To Be Discussed With Players:


4 Dec 2017

Fixed Rattling Fist Feat to remove references to old Brawler.

14 Dec 2017

Added a "Bribes and Tips" section to the Money and Merchants page.