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24 Oct 2018

  • Explicitly called out that non-lethal damage is not resistible with DR or ER, unless you have an ability that specifically states it can be applied to non-lethal damage.

13 Sep 2018

02 Sep 2018

  • Multi-class and dual-class characters now accrue Action Points at the same rate as Single Class characters.

11 Aug 2018

  • Many metamagic feats are being removed, to be installed as magic items (at some point in the future, when we have time)
  • Quelled, Prone, and Splayed now inflict a penalty to concentration checks.
  • Monsters cannot voluntarily inflict a status condition on themselves to overwrite an existing status condition; however, a clever monster ally can apply a weaker debuff on their fellow monsters to overwrite debuffs, if they think of it.
  • Bard Staccato and Harmony damage updated
  • Cleric channel divinity (as damage) updated
  • Alchemist bomb damage updated
  • Changed Selective Spell (Feat), Selective Channeling (Feat), Precise Bombs (Discovery) and Selective Symphony (Feat). Added a new feat: Selective Bomb (Feat).
  • Selective Spell is no longer a metamagic feat; it does not alter the spell level of a spell.
  • All of these feats now allow the caster to exclude one or more creatures from the area of effect of their respective effects, at the expense of reducing their effective character level by 1 per creature excluded. This allows pure AOE spells to be more balanced against limited-number-of-target spells. Now, pure-AOE's are more situationally useful -- if the field is (relatively) clear of allies, AOE's will nearly always be a better choice. However, once your allies get into melee range, the limited-number-of-target spells will usually be a better fit. Selective allows the AOE's to be used at any time, but it's not quite the no-brainer any more that a fireball is always better than a lightning bolt.

11 Jul 2018

  • NOTE: We will be changing the way DR and ER work in the coming days. Both DR and ER will work the way ER currently works. Namely, the thing listed is the thing it resists. (Currently, the thing listed with DR is the only thing that can bypass it).
  • We are consolidating all damage types down to 7 broad types: common, uncommon, or rare physical damage, and common, uncommon, or rare energy damage. The 7th type is Primal damage, which is neither physical, nor energy, and cannot be resisted by either ER or DR.
  • Characters who currently have some source of DR x/- or ER x/- will be unaffected by this change.
  • Characters who have more specific types of DR or ER should expect the value to change (especially if it's DR).

30 Jun 2018

  • Updated Sorcerer's "Forceful Presence" ability to apply to ANY spell or spell-like ability they cast which inflicts damage.
  • Added "Mana Burn" to Wizard class. Once we're happy with it, we'll be pushing this out to all casters and demi-casters as a 3rd level class feature. You have been WARNED!

26 Jun 2018

  • The Warlord's Marching Orders ability is no longer a stance.
  • The Brawler's Stick and Move ability is no longer a stance.
  • The Partisan's Intractable Ground ability is no longer a stance.
  • the abilities are unchanged, except that they aren't a stance any more. They can still be disrupted by being knocked prone (or getting a condition which reduces your number of actions for the round), and still require the same action to activate. This was done to open up more options for multi-classing and dual-classing.
  • note that bardic performances still require a stance, as does entering stealth.

9 Jun 2018

  • Updated Pulls to prevent traffic jams.

5 Jun 2018

  • New Rules:
  • Monsters can only have 1 condition on them at a time. If a new condition is introduced, you either replace the old one, or ignore the new one (inflicting player's choice).
  • Any damage is still resolved as normal, regardless of how the condition is resolved.
  • Metamagic rods can only be used on spells which require a standard action to cast
  • Metamagic rods turn the standard action spell into a full-round action to cast
  • Except a Quicken rod, which turns the standard action into a move action (yes, this is worse than the feat, a little).
  • Metamagic feats that you know no longer increase casting time; they only increase the spell level and/or spell slot required.

2 Jun 2018

1 Jun 2018

  • Updating Between Adventures (was Character Retraining) Rules - generally unchanged, just clarifying.
  • shopping will now be a downtime activity; you can only buy a limited number of magic items per day (due to traveling between shops, bartering, etc.)
  • a good Knowledge (Local) check can improve how many items you can buy in a given day (you know where to go, and how to get there faster).
  • this impacts the 'party designated shopper' phenomenon -- namely, if the high barter character wants to buy stuff for the party, it uses up their time to do so
  • open to conversations about whether this is fair or not. The question is 'should the high barter character be able to grant their buy/sell discounts to everyone without any cost to themselves or the party'? An auxiliary question is 'are the buy/sell bonuses from barter so good that barter is a mandatory skill?'
  • each downtime activity now costs different amount of days depending on the success category of the skill check.
  • included a transclusion of the Libraries page on the Between Adventures page, since it's highly relevant.
  • added rule for quitting a downtime activity before completion (because you hate the skill check result, for example) — you have to wait half the max time to try again (though you can do different downtime activities in the meantime).

15 May 2018

  • includes rules for making any creature into a mount, and advancing the CR of a mount.
  • includes costs for mounts at all CR's.
  • Updated rules for how mounted combat works on the Ride page:
  • Mounts now provide bonus melee damage to their riders only if their CR exceeds the minimum amount required for the movement speeds they provide.
  • essentially, you have to 'buy' their movement speed(s) with CR, and any leftover CR is applied as bonus to melee damage while mounted.
  • mounts also have special abilities which can be unlocked with one or more 'points' of CR.

4 May 2018

  • Removed Peerless Thieves' Tools and Peerless Musical Instrument. These got too close to being magic items, and should just be magic items.

28 Apr 2018

  • updated Haste (Spell), please read.
  • Discussion Topic: (rephrase) we're getting rid of the school of divination, but any spells previously in that school that don't completely suck, or have the potential to break the story of a campaign (which is quite a lot of them), will be moved to a different school.

23 Apr 2018

  • Discussion Topic: only one debuff condition (that requires tracking) on a monster at a time. E.g. "rattled" and "stunned".
  • players applying the new debuff will get to choose whether to overwrite the existing one or not.
  • obviously any damage component would still be applied, whether the new debuff is applied or not.
  • would not apply to most class features, such as fighter's challenge, ranger's quarry, paladin's smite, prowler's encroaching jolt (?), etc.
  • would apply to spells that inflict a condition
  • might apply to combat maneuvers that inflict a condition other than forced movement (prone?).
  • only care about conditions that persist; forced movement is resolved instantaneously, so stacking is irrelevant.
  • this change would allow us to include significantly more variety of status conditions in spells, class abilities, etc., without fear of the 4e "giant stack of debuffs" making combats too trivial. Also, the giant stack of debuffs is a nightmare to track.

3 Apr 2018

  • Combat Reflexes (Feat) changed to grant a maximum of +4 bonus attacks of opportunity per round, based on half your DEX modifier.

31 Mar 2018

  • Please note: any red-linked (missing) spell entries you may find are spells we are planning to remove from the game. This is part of the spell review process, which is ongoing.
  • Added over 57 million new character class combinations to the game. Wow!
  • Updated Between Adventures to remove all gold costs. Some downtime activity times have also been adjusted downwards. You can thank us with donuts.

14 Mar 2018

  • increased number of poultices that rangers get by 1 at all levels.

13 Mar 2018

  • fixed an error with monster skill numbers.

27 Feb 2018

3 Feb 2018

  • Discussion topics:
  • the end of selective?
  • most aoe spells have a fixed number of targets within the aoe, and therefore do not require selective. They're selective for free!
  • some spells may still be non-selective aoe's (fields), but there will no longer be a way to selectively exclude allies from these spells.
  • such spells will also be marked with the 'aoe' descriptor to deal with swarms/troops. (as a note, perhaps AOE's do 150% dmg to swarms/troops, while fields do 200% dmg to swarms/troops)
  • may also want to talk about capping channel divinity, and removing the selective channel feat...
  • limitations on slotless items?
  • max 3 per character
  • question about whether lay magic counts (lightstones, water stones, etc.)
  • handy haversacks, bags of holding are already slotless, and would be affected by this limitation.

24 Jan 2018

  • added several new magic weapon properties at +3 and +4.

20 Jan 2018

  • removed Counterspell
  • removed the Universal Monster Rules page. Terms which remain in use have been moved to the Glossary of Terms page.
  • Updated all references to concentration (including caster level checks, combat casting, etc.), to make use of Caster Checks as the base mechanic (a bailiwick skill check).
  • if you find any references to this which don't point to a bailiwick skill check, please let me know so I can fix it.

14 Jan 2018

  • Added a list of player-purchasable Poisons, as well as rules for how they work. Player poisons are much simpler than monster poisons, having only an instantaneous damage effect and (potentially) a 1-round debuff.

13 Jan 2018

  • Added rules for voluntarily holding your breath. Updated the movement skill for swimming to incorporate these rules.
  • holding your breath outside of combat is very abstract. GM's can decide how long the party can do so, but generally a couple of minutes, regardless of CON.
  • in combat, holding your breath is quite hard.

8 Jan 2018

  • Updated Treasure and XP page to detail the Remnants system, which replaces Crafting Materials.
  • updated monster template to reflect these changes also.

3 Jan 2018

  • All characters now gain natural talents in their Bailiwick and one additional skill at level 1, and gain additional natural talents at 11th, 21st, and 31st levels. (Italicized text is unchanged.)
  • NOTE TO SUNDAY GAME: The party has already received a 'bonus' natural talent, which counts as the natural talent we would have received at level 11. That is, until level 21, this change will not affect characters in the Sunday party.
  • In addition, a rule has now been added to allow players to add a natural talent to a skill which is already a natural talent for them. Such double-natural-talent skills no longer automatically fail on a natural 1, and can never fail by 5 or more, regardless of the target DC or the suckiness of the roll. See Natural Talent for details. This is a boon for high-skill classes in particular, who may not want to remap very many of their skills, but is nice for any character that wants to deeply specialize in a skill.
  • Several fear status conditions re-written to make running away considerably less mandatory.
  • Epic bard feats (group inspiration, mass inspiration, colossal inspiration, epic inspiration) written, in light of recent changes to bard performances.

14 Dec 2017

Added a "Bribes and Tips" section to the Money and Merchants page.

4 Dec 2017

Fixed Rattling Fist Feat to remove references to old Brawler.

2 Dec 2017

  • Spells:
  • removed See Alignment spell - breaks stories, and steps on paladin ability.
  • changed Ant Haul - only 10 lbs per caster level increased carry capacity instead of "triple".
  • Note: this may affect magic items in the party! You can either cash them in for what you paid, or update them to the new rules.

To Be Discussed With Players:


30 Nov 2017

  • updated Blind - added sections for non-targeting senses and natural blindness.
  • updated the Bard's Soothing Performance song, which now provides a pool of healing, instead of a fixed amount of fast healing.
  • Renamed Monster Templates to Monster Patterns. This was done to de-duplicate the game system from the wiki software.