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14 Mar 2018

  • increased number of poultices that rangers get by 1 at all levels.

13 Mar 2018

  • fixed an error with monster skill numbers.

27 Feb 2018

3 Feb 2018

  • Discussion topics:
  • the end of selective?
  • most aoe spells have a fixed number of targets within the aoe, and therefore do not require selective. They're selective for free!
  • some spells may still be non-selective aoe's (fields), but there will no longer be a way to selectively exclude allies from these spells.
  • such spells will also be marked with the 'aoe' descriptor to deal with swarms/troops. (as a note, perhaps AOE's do 150% dmg to swarms/troops, while fields do 200% dmg to swarms/troops)
  • may also want to talk about capping channel divinity, and removing the selective channel feat...
  • limitations on slotless items?
  • max 3 per character
  • question about whether lay magic counts (lightstones, water stones, etc.)
  • handy haversacks, bags of holding are already slotless, and would be affected by this limitation.

24 Jan 2018

  • added several new magic weapon properties at +3 and +4.

20 Jan 2018

  • removed Counterspell
  • removed the Universal Monster Rules page. Terms which remain in use have been moved to the Glossary of Terms page.
  • Updated all references to concentration (including caster level checks, combat casting, etc.), to make use of Caster Checks as the base mechanic (a bailiwick skill check).
  • if you find any references to this which don't point to a bailiwick skill check, please let me know so I can fix it.

14 Jan 2018

  • Added a list of player-purchasable Poisons, as well as rules for how they work. Player poisons are much simpler than monster poisons, having only an instantaneous damage effect and (potentially) a 1-round debuff.

13 Jan 2018

  • Added rules for voluntarily holding your breath. Updated the movement skill for swimming to incorporate these rules.
  • holding your breath outside of combat is very abstract. GM's can decide how long the party can do so, but generally a couple of minutes, regardless of CON.
  • in combat, holding your breath is quite hard.

8 Jan 2018

  • Updated Treasure and XP page to detail the Remnants system, which replaces Crafting Materials.
  • updated monster template to reflect these changes also.

3 Jan 2018

  • All characters now gain natural talents in their Bailiwick and one additional skill at level 1, and gain additional natural talents at 11th, 21st, and 31st levels. (Italicized text is unchanged.)
  • NOTE TO SUNDAY GAME: The party has already received a 'bonus' natural talent, which counts as the natural talent we would have received at level 11. That is, until level 21, this change will not affect characters in the Sunday party.
  • In addition, a rule has now been added to allow players to add a natural talent to a skill which is already a natural talent for them. Such double-natural-talent skills no longer automatically fail on a natural 1, and can never fail by 5 or more, regardless of the target DC or the suckiness of the roll. See Natural Talent for details. This is a boon for high-skill classes in particular, who may not want to remap very many of their skills, but is nice for any character that wants to deeply specialize in a skill.
  • Several fear status conditions re-written to make running away considerably less mandatory.
  • Epic bard feats (group inspiration, mass inspiration, colossal inspiration, epic inspiration) written, in light of recent changes to bard performances.

14 Dec 2017

Added a "Bribes and Tips" section to the Money and Merchants page.

4 Dec 2017

Fixed Rattling Fist Feat to remove references to old Brawler.

2 Dec 2017

  • Spells:
  • removed See Alignment spell - breaks stories, and steps on paladin ability.
  • changed Ant Haul - only 10 lbs per caster level increased carry capacity instead of "triple".
  • Note: this may affect magic items in the party! You can either cash them in for what you paid, or update them to the new rules.

To Be Discussed With Players:


30 Nov 2017

  • updated Blind - added sections for non-targeting senses and natural blindness.
  • updated the Bard's Soothing Performance song, which now provides a pool of healing, instead of a fixed amount of fast healing.
  • Renamed Monster Templates to Monster Patterns. This was done to de-duplicate the game system from the wiki software.