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Level 0 Cleric Spells

Level 0 cleric spells are also referred to as "Orisons".

Name School Description
Bleed Necromancy Cause bludgeoning damage and a Bruised condition.
Create Water Conjuration Creates 2 gallons/lvl of pure water.
Detect Magic Universal Detects all spells and magic items within a 60 ft cone.
Detect Poison Universal Detects poison in a creature or object.
Disrupt Undead Necromancy Ray deals Positive Energy Damage to one Undead in range.
Enhanced Diplomacy Universal Touched creature gains +2 Divine bonus on one Diplomacy or Intimidate check.
Guidance Universal +1 Divine Bonus on one attack roll, saving throw, or skill check.
Light Evocation Object shines like a torch.
Mending Transmutation Makes minor repairs on a non-magical object that is damaged or Broken.
Purify Food and Drink Transmutation Purifies 1 cu. ft./lvl of food or water.
Read Magic Universal Read scrolls and spellbooks.
Resistance Abjuration Subject gains +1 bonus on saving throws.
Spark Abjuration Dangerous spark injures your attacker.
Stabilize Conjuration Cause a dying creature to stabilize, or a Bleed to stop.
Virtue Transmutation Subject instantly gains 1 temporary hp.

Level 1 Cleric Spells

Name School Description
Air Bubble Conjuration Creates a small pocket of air around your head or an object, which may burst as an attack.
Ant Haul Transmutation Increases the carrying capacity of a creature by 10 pounds per caster level.
Bane Enchantment Enemies take holy (energy, rare) damage when struck by the casters empowered allies.
Bless Enchantment Allies gain a scaling Divine Bonus on attack rolls and saves.
Burning Disarm Transmutation A metal object instantly becomes red hot possibly causing the wielder to drop it or take Fire Damage.
Cause Fear Necromancy One creature gains the Cringing condition.
Command Enchantment One subject obeys selected command for 1 round.
Cure Light Wounds Conjuration Cures 2d8 damage + 1/lvl (max +10).
Dancing Lantern Enchantment Animates a lantern-flame that follows you and can be used as a ray attack.
Divine Favor Evocation You gain an increasing Divine Bonus on attack and damage rolls.
Doom Necromancy One subject is Shaken and risks a Synergy.
Embrace Destiny Universal Dice with Fate, for good or ill.
Endure Elements Abjuration Exist comfortably in hot or cold regions.
Forbid Action Enchantment Target obeys a command to not do something.
Inflict Light Wounds Necromancy Negative energy touch, dealing 2d8 damage +1/lvl (max +10).
Karmic Blessing Universal The target treats one skill as a natural talent.
Know the Enemy Universal Gain a scaling Divine Bonus on a monster Knowledge check.
Liberating Command Transmutation Restrained target may make an Escape Artist check to escape as an immediate action.
Magic Weapon Transmutation Transform a weapon into a similar sort of weapon that is better suited for yourself or for allies.
Mighty Fist of the Earth Conjuration Make an earthy ray attack at a distance.
Poisoned Egg Transmutation Transform the contents of a normal egg into a single dose of Simple Venom.
Reinforce Armaments Transmutation Temporarily mitigates the Fragile (Quality) in targeted weapon or armor.
Remove Fear Abjuration Suppresses fear or gives +4 bonus on saves against fear
Remove Sickness Conjuration Grant a bonus save against any of the Sickened, Afflicted, or Nauseated conditions.
Sanctify Corpse Evocation Prevent a corpse from becoming an undead.
Sanctuary Abjuration Inflict Exiled upon a willing or unwilling creature, to widely varied effects.
Stone Shield Conjuration A 1-inch-thick slab of stone springs up from the ground, interposing itself between you and an opponent of your choice.
Summon Monster I Universal Summons one Summoned Monster to fight for you.
Tap Inner Beauty Universal Gain a bonus on all Charisma-based skill checks.
Touch of Bloodletting Necromancy This spell causes any existing wounds that the target possesses to bleed profusely.
Weapons Against Evil Transmutation Enchant weapons to bypass the DR of evil-aligned creatures.

Level 2 Cleric Spells

Name School Description
Aboleth's Lung Transmutation Targets are suddenly unable to breathe air, but can breathe underwater.
Admonishing Ray Evocation You fire one or more Securing force rays.
Air Step Transmutation Tread on air, with limitations.
Burst of Radiance Illusion Fills area with shimmering light, blinding (or dazzling) creatures for 1 round and damaging them.
Compassionate Ally Enchantment Target is compelled to help injured ally or suffer the Antagonized condition.
Cure Moderate Wounds Conjuration Cures 4d8 damage +1/lvl (max. +20).
Divine Trident Evocation Holy power strikes up to three foes in a cone next to your space.
Effortless Armor Transmutation Armor you wear no longer slows your speed.
Endure Elements, Communal Abjuration As Endure Elements (Cleric Spell), but you may protect several creatures you touch.
Gentle Repose Necromancy Preserves one corpse.
Grace Abjuration Movement doesn't provoke attacks of opportunity.
Heroic Fortune Evocation The target gains 1 temporary Action Point.
Hold Person Enchantment Paralyzes one humanoid creature for a brief time.
Inflict Moderate Wounds Necromancy Melee touch attack, 4d8 damage +1/lvl (max +20).
Life Pact Necromancy Affected creatures automatically donate hp to stabilize fallen ally.
Make Whole Transmutation Repairs a damaged or broken magic item or construct.
Marching Chant Transmutation Allies can hustle without penalty.
Pilfering Hand of the Magus Evocation You may seize an object or manipulate it from afar, robbing or attacking enemies, and delighting friends.
Reinforce Armaments, Communal Transmutation As Reinforce Armaments (Cleric Spell), but you may affect multiple targets.
Resist Energy Abjuration Provides a scaling resistance to one Common energy type.
Restoration, Lesser Conjuration Removes a weak status condition.
Shatter Abjuration Sonic vibration damages objects or a enemy creatures.
Spell Gauge Universal You learn the nature of, and disable, a target creature's supernatural or spell-like ability.
Spiritual Weapon Evocation Magic weapon attacks on its own.
Summon Monster II Universal Summons one Summoned Monster to fight for you.
Touch of Mercy Enchantment The target creature gains the Secured condition.
Tremor Blast Transmutation You create a minor earthquake that can inflict bludgeoning damage and Quelled.
Water Walk Transmutation Subject treads on water as if solid.

Level 3 Cleric Spells

Name School Description
Accept Affliction Conjuration The caster can transfer the effects of afflictions such as curses, diseases, and poisons from the target creature to himself.
Agonizing Rebuke Illusion Cause rapturous distress and pain to a target if it attacks you.
Barrow Haze Necromancy Fog obscures vision and inflicts negative energy.
Bestow Curse Enchantment Immediately inflict Cursed or Jinxed on a creature within your melee reach.
Blindness/Deafness Necromancy Makes subject blind to sight or sound, dazzled if they make their save, and at risk of a Synergy.
Blot Illusion Ruins writings and wipes creatures out of existence.
Chain of Perdition Enchantment Creates a floating chain of force that damages your foes most terribly.
Continual Flame Evocation Makes a permanent, heatless light.
Create Food and Water Conjuration Feeds the hungry
Cure Serious Wounds Conjuration Cures 6d8 damage + 1/lvl (max +30).
Daylight Evocation 60-ft. radius of bright light, or touch a creature to inflict Light damage and Blind.
Dispel Magic Abjuration Cancels one magical spell or effect
Final Sacrifice Evocation You disrupt the conjuring energies within a summoned creature, causing it to violently explode.
Glyph of Warding Abjuration Inscription harms those who trigger it.
Guiding Star Universal Know where you cast this spell.
Inflict Serious Wounds Necromancy Touch attack, 6d8 damage +1/lvl (max +30).
Invisibility Purge Evocation Dispels invisibility within 5 ft./lvl.
Nap Stack Necromancy Subjects only need 2 hours for a night's sleep.
Prayer Enchantment Allies gain a scaling Divine Bonus on attacks and saves, and can deal Holy (energy, rare) damage.
Protection from Energy Enchantment Grants 3 temp hit points/lvl, only against one kind of common energy.
Remove Curse Abjuration Frees object or person from curse.
Remove Disease Conjuration Attempts to remove a disease from the target.
Resist Energy, Communal Abjuration This spell functions like Resist Energy (Cleric Spell), except you can protect several creatures.
Resist Uncommon Energy Abjuration Ignores a scaling number of points of damage per attack from a specified Uncommon energy type.
Severed Fate Enchantment Remove an action point from a monster with a role.
Sky Swim Transmutation This spell grants the target the ability to swim through the air.
Speak with Dead Necromancy Corpse answers one questions.
Summon Monster III Universal Summons one Summoned Monster to fight for you.
Trial of Fire and Acid Transmutation The target creatures suffer damage and the Singed condition.
Unravel Destiny Universal A target suffers if it has Action Points.
Water Breathing Transmutation Subjects can breathe underwater.
Water Walk, Communal Transmutation As Water Walk (Cleric Spell), but you may affect multiple creatures.
Wind Wall Abjuration Deflects arrows, smaller creatures, and gases.

Level 4 Cleric Spells

Name School Description
Air Walk Transmutation Subject treads on air as if solid (climb or descend at 45-degree angle).
Battle Trance Enchantment Targets gain bonus damage to attacks while under the effects of the spell.
Chaos Hammer Evocation Divine weapon attacks on its own.
Cure Critical Wounds Conjuration Cures 8d8 damage + 2/lvl (max +40).
Dimensional Anchor Abjuration Bars extradimensional movement.
Dismissal Enchantment Your scorn hurts. Make a ray attack with dire consequences.
Divine Power Evocation Targets gain attack bonuses, temporary hit points, and a bonus attack action during a full attack.
Freedom of Movement Abjuration Subject moves, despite impediments to restrict movement.
Inflict Critical Wounds Necromancy Touch deals 8d8 damage +2/lvl (max +40).
Make Whole, Greater Transmutation This spell repairs 1d8+1 points of siege damage to a vehicle or fortification.
Master's Escape Conjuration Switch places with one summoned creature you control.
Neutralize Poison Conjuration Immunizes subject against poison, or detoxifies poison in or on subject.
Persistent Vigor Transmutation Gain fast healing, and become much harder to affect with diseases or poisons.
Planar Adaptation Transmutation Resist harmful effects of environmental damage of another plane.
Protection from Energy, Communal Abjuration As Protection from Energy (Cleric Spell), but you may affect several creatures.
Rest Eternal Necromancy Dead or undead creature cannot be revived.
Restoration Conjuration Removes a weak or moderate status condition.
Ride the Waves Transmutation Target can breathe water and swim.
Sending Evocation Delivers short message anywhere, instantly.
Shadow Barbs Illusion When you cast this spell, you create a shadowy portal from which a tidal wave of razor-sharp barbs dismember your foes most horribly...or perhaps not.
Summon Monster IV Universal Summons one Summoned Monster to fight for you.

Level 5 Cleric Spells

Name School Description
Air Walk, Communal Transmutation As Air Walk (Cleric Spell), but you may affect multiple creatures.
Astral Projection, Lesser Necromancy Limited astral travel.
Boneshatter Transmutation A crackling ray deals heavy damage and inflicts wobbly.
Breath of Life Conjuration Cures damage and may restore life to recently slain creatures.
Caustic Blood Transmutation You imbue your blood with corrosive acid.
Command, Greater Enchantment As Command (Cleric Spell), but affects several creatures.
Cure Light Wounds, Mass Conjuration Cures 1d8 damage + 1/lvl, maximum +15.
Daywalker Necromancy Turns an ally into a pseudo-undead, with potent benefits.
Flame Strike Evocation Smites foes with divine fire.
Forbid Action, Greater Enchantment This spell functions as Forbid Action (Cleric Spell), except several creatures may be affected.
Heroic Fortune, Mass Evocation Multiple targets receive an Action Point.
Holy Ice Transmutation Create pillars...of Holy Water!
Hymn of Mercy Enchantment The target creatures gain the Secured condition.
Inflict Light Wounds, Mass Necromancy Negative energy spreads out in all directions from the point of origin, dealing 1d8 points of damage + 1 point per caster level (maximum +15) to nearby living enemies.
Life Bubble Abjuration Protects creatures from some types of sustained environmental effects.
Pillar of Stone Conjuration Creates durable stone pillars.
Plane Shift Conjuration You and your allies can travel to another plane.
Raise Dead Conjuration Restores life to subject who died as long as one day/lvl ago.
Reprobation Transmutation Marked target is shunned.
Resist Rare Energy Abjuration Ignores a scaling number of points of damage per attack from a specified Rare energy type.
Righteous Might Transmutation Your or allies size increases.
Serenity Enchantment Peaceful feelings harm those attempting violence.
Summon Monster V Universal Summons one Summoned Monster to fight for you.
True Seeing Universal Lets you see things as they really are.
Unholy Ice Transmutation Create pillars...of Holy Water!
Wall of Blindness Illusion Creatures that pass through a translucent wall suffer fictive damage and an assault on their senses.

Level 6 Cleric Spells

Name School Description
Banishment Abjuration Your scorn hurts. Make several ray attacks with dire consequences.
Blade Barrier Evocation Wall of blades deals Force damage.
Chains of Light Conjuration Target is held immobile by glowing golden chains composed of pure light.
Cold Ice Strike Abjuration Blast of ice slivers deals cold damage and slows.
Cure Moderate Wounds, Mass Conjuration Cures 3d8 damage + 1/lvl, maximum +20.
Dispel Magic, Greater Abjuration Cancels multiple magical spells or effects
Dust Form Transmutation You become an incorporeal creature of dust for a short period of time.
Elemental Assessor Transmutation Elemental ray transforms parts of the victim into a damaging canker.
Glyph of Warding, Greater Abjuration Enhanced Glyph of Warding (Cleric Spell).
Harm Necromancy Inflict massive negative energy damage on a target.
Heal Conjuration Cures 10 points/lvl damage, all diseases and mental conditions.
Hellfire Ray Evocation A blast of hellfire deals damage, and if it kills the victim, then things get...interesting.
Heroes' Feast Conjuration Food for several creatures, cures, and grants combat bonuses.
Inflict Moderate Wounds, Mass Necromancy Negative energy spreads out in all directions from the point of origin, dealing 3d8 damage +1/lvl (max +20) to creatures you choose.
Music of the Spheres Conjuration Grant Fast Healing, ER, and a bonus to saves to targets.
Oasis Transmutation Create a comfortable and secured place in the wilderness.
Plague Storm Necromancy Cloud inflicts Necrotic damage
Planar Adaptation, Mass Transmutation This spell functions like Planar Adaptation (Cleric Spell), except affecting multiple targets.
Summon Monster VI Universal Summons one Summoned Monster to fight for you.
Undeath to Death Necromancy Inflicts heavy light (energy, uncommon) damage to the unliving in your sight.
Word of Recall Conjuration Teleports you back to designated place.

Level 7 Cleric Spells

Name School Description
Archon's Trumpet Enchantment Inflicts heavy thundercrash damage to all targets in a 30 foot cone.
Bestow Curse, Greater Enchantment Inflicts Cursed or Hexed upon multiple creatures you choose.
Blasphemy Evocation Slanders or Disgraces your target.
Constricting Coils Conjuration Eldritch muscular coils deal crushing damage to the target while holding it still.
Create Demiplane, Lesser Conjuration Create your own Demiplane, nice and cozy.
Cure Serious Wounds, Mass Conjuration Cures 5d8 damage + 1/lvl, maximum +30.
Ethereal Jaunt Transmutation You become ethereal until your next combat ends.
Holy Word Enchantment Ray which deals massive holy damage with no saving throw allowed.
Inflict Serious Wounds, Mass Necromancy Deal negative energy to targets you choose, 3d8 damage +1/lvl (max +35).
Planar Refuge Conjuration Enforces the rules of the Material Plane on other planes of existence.
Refuge Conjuration Alters item to transport its possessor to a safe place.
Regenerate Conjuration Subject's severed limbs grow back, tiredness is removed, and they regrow hit points.
Resist All Energy Abjuration Ignores a scaling number of points of damage per attack from All energy types.
Restoration, Greater Conjuration Ends all status conditions on the target.
Resurrection Conjuration Fully restore dead subject.
Summon Monster VII Universal Summons one Summoned Monster to fight for you.
Vision of Doom Illusion Sends vision dealing heavy psychic damage and fatigue.

Level 8 Cleric Spells

Name School Description
Antimagic Field Abjuration Completely but temporarily suppresses magical effects within 10 ft.
Ardor's Onslaught Enchantment Targets gain bonus damage to attacks while under the effects of the spell.
Create Demiplane Conjuration As Create Demiplane, Lesser (Cleric Spell), but larger and with better decorating.
Cure Critical Wounds, Mass Conjuration Cures 7d8 damage + 1/lvl, maximum +35.
Dictum Evocation Slanders or disgraces multiple targets
Dimensional Lock Abjuration Teleportation and interplanar travel blocked until the next Moon.
Divine Vessel Transmutation Change allies or yourself into huge otherworldly creatures.
Fire Storm Evocation Deals Fire Damage.
Holy Aura Abjuration Grant Holy power to creatures, for good or ill.
Inflict Critical Wounds, Mass Necromancy Negative energy spreads out in all directions from the point of origin, dealing 7d8 points of damage + 1 point per caster level (maximum +35) to nearby living enemies.
Nine Lives Abjuration Cures damage and may restore life to recently slain creatures.
Orb of the Void Necromancy Flying sphere of darkness deals Necrotic damage and Essence Destruction.
Searing Light Evocation Inflict punishing damage and status conditions with Light.
Stormbolts Evocation You are struck by a massive lightning bolt...and share.
Summon Monster VIII Universal Summons one Summoned Monster to fight for you.

Level 9 Cleric Spells

Name School Description
Astral Projection Necromancy Projects you and others onto Astral Plane.
Canopic Conversion Necromancy Turns your allies into pseudo-undead, with potent benefits.
Create Demiplane, Greater Conjuration As Create Demiplane (Cleric Spell), but much larger.
Deadly Juxtaposition Conjuration You swap places with an enemy creature, dealing heavy interstice damage to it, and its allies.
Energy Drain Necromancy Subject gains 2d4 points of Essence Omission and is at risk of a synergy.
Etherealness Transmutation Travel to an Ethereal Plane with companions.
Gate Conjuration Connects two planes for travel by any creatures, in either direction.
Heal, Mass Conjuration As Heal (Cleric Spell), but affects multiple creatures you choose.
Implosion Necromancy Inflict massive negative energy damage on multiple targets.
Miracle Evocation Requests a deity's intercession.
Overwhelming Presence Enchantment Creatures prostrate themselves before you as if you were divine and are at risk of a Synergy.
Polar Midnight Transmutation Polar cold immobilizes and deals damage.
Soul Bind Necromancy Bind your enemies and allies together, granting bonus AC and damage.
Spear of Purity Evocation Spears of holy energy blast your foes.
Summon Monster IX Universal Summons one Summoned Monster to fight for you.
True Resurrection Conjuration As Resurrection (Cleric Spell), plus remains aren't needed.
Winds of Vengeance Evocation Gives you the ability to fly and attack with wind.