Combat Medic (Feat)

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You know the urgency of treating wounds in the heat of battle, applying first aid to your allies with such speed that you assure no one gets left behind.

Prerequisites: Level 6, Heal 5 ranks

Benefit: Whenever you use the Heal skill on an ally who also has this feat, whether to provide first aid, treat caltrop wounds, treat bleeds, bruised, or ruptured conditions, or treat poison conditions, you provoke no attacks of opportunity, and you can take 10 on the check, even in the middle of combat. In all cases, allies who also have this feat that are paralyzed, stunned, unconscious, or cannot otherwise act still count for the purposes of this feat.

Special: You may Treat Injuries during combat using this feat as a standard action, rather than taking a full hour, as long as your target also has this feat. This provokes no attacks of opportunity, and you may take 10 on this check. Treating Injuries in this way counts as a source of instantaneous healing.

Note: This is a Teamwork Feat, meaning it does nothing unless you and at least one other member of your party each possess this feat.