Cooperative Crafting (Feat)

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Your assistance makes item crafting far more efficient.

Prerequisites: Any Profession 1 rank, Creator (Feat)

Benefit: You can assist another character in crafting mundane and magical items. You must both possess the Creator feat and at least 1 rank in any Profession skill, but either one of you can fulfill any other prerequisites for crafting the item. You make your own Profession, Divinity, Naturalism, Reason, Spellcraft, Spycraft or Warfare check to generate an action pool, and the pips from this pool can be added directly to the action pool of the person you are assisting in creating a magic item. Note that multiple people with the Cooperative Crafting feat can assist in creating a magic item. In such cases, each person adds their action pool to the main action pool of the creation. Obviously, everyone must be working on the creation of the same magic item.

As a rule of thumb, NPC's never have the cooperative crafting feat.

No matter how many creators work together, no item can be made in less than three days.

Note: Despite the similarities, Cooperative Crafting is not a teamwork feat and is not available for use by classes which grant teamwork feats to allies.