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"You were born special. You have always had...something. Perhaps your hands are clever, and you find yourself making tiny sculptures out of twigs without thinking about it. Maybe you draw perfect portraits with spilled beer. Maybe you can sing without even trying. Maybe your hands just know exactly how to hammer that glowing steel."

"Maybe.... Magic just happens for you.''

Prerequisites: Any Profession 1 rank

Benefit: This feat allows you to craft magic items, as well as modify existing magic items with new or improved properties. The Creator feat grants you an 'Effective Caster Level' (ECL) for item creation equal to the number of ranks you have in one of the skills listed below, with a maximum of your highest character level in the class that grants you the skill you are using. When creating a magic item, the craft check is performed using one of the following skills (your choice):

While Effective Caster Level is used in place of Caster Level for item creation, it does not make you an actual caster. It just enables you to imbue items with magical abilities without requiring you to be a caster.

Non-casters with this feat can create items without the need to buy scrolls or hire a caster to cast the spell(s) listed in the magic property's prerequisites. Instead, the DC to create a magic item increases by 5 for each prerequisite the creator does not meet. The only exception to this is the Creator feat, which is mandatory. In addition, you cannot create potions, spell-trigger, or spell-completion magic items without meeting all of its prerequisites. It should be stated clearly that the prerequisites are NOT set in stone. Substitutions are allowed and encouraged. Instead of a scroll of fireball to empower an item with magic, a barbarian might go and get breathed on by a red dragon while holding it. Instead of a Jump spell, a Monk might leap off a cliff while wearing the item to be empowered. Creativity is allowed and encouraged. In only the most prosaic of cases should hiring an NPC to cast a spell be the preferred method.

Creating any item requires eight hours of uninterrupted work for every caster level the item requires. The minimum time to create any item is seven days of work, no matter how low the caster level is.

See the Magic Item Crafting Rules for more information.