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Condition Severity: Moderate

   One of your limbs has been injured so badly that it hangs limp at your side, useless.


  • You suffer a -4 penalty to attack rolls.
  • Your maximum hit points are reduced by a number equal to the CR of the creature or effect which inflicted the Crippled condition.
  • If your current hit points exceed your new maximum hit point amount, your current hit points are immediately reduced to your maximum hit points amount.
  • Your maximum hit points cannot be reduced more than once by the Crippled condition, no matter how many times you are afflicted with it. This is true even if you cure the Crippled condition but haven't yet restored your maximum hit points (see below).
  • Note, however, that the max hit points loss from Crippled can be stacked with the max hit points loss from Maimed.
  • If you have any source of fast healing (e.g. regeneration), it ceases to provide any benefit, except as described in the "Ended-By" section, below.

Ended By

  • If you have a source of fast healing (e.g. regeneration), instead of healing hit point damage, the healing is applied towards restoring the function of your damaged limb. Your fast healing stops healing your hit points, and instead accumulates in a separate pool.
  • Once that pool reaches an amount greater than or equal to your character level, the pool is expended to immediately end the Crippled condition.
  • Your fast healing provides no healing benefits to you until the round after the Crippled condition is ended.
  • Your maximum hit points remain reduced even after the Crippled condition is ended. Your maximum hit points recover back to their normal amount at a rate of your character level in points per full-night's rest.
  • A Greater Restoration spell, Limited Wish spell, or Wish spell will immediately restore your hit point maximum to it's normal amount. However, this must be a different spell than the one that was used to clear the Crippled condition (if applicable).
  • Unlike most conditions, restoration spells and similar effects which broadly cure moderate status conditions do not work on Crippled creatures, unless they explicitly state otherwise. Limited Wish spell, Wish, and similarly broad effects can still be used, however. Otherwise, only a form of persistent healing (such as fast healing, or a full night's rest) will remove the condition.
  • If not cleared, the Crippled condition persists until healed.