Cunning Trigger (Talent)

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Using your greater understanding of trap mechanisms and how they are triggered, you can manipulate how a trap makes its attacks.

Ability Type: Ex

Prerequisites: Rogue 6

Benefit: Up to once per round, after you have performed a Dismantle Trap maneuver that exceeds the trap's Maneuver Defense by 5 or more, you can choose one square you can perceive and declare that the trap's next attack will either include or exclude that square in its attack. This is in addition to the siege damage you normally deal for having succeeded on the Dismantle Trap maneuver.

If you choose to include the square in the trap's next attack, it must be possible for the trap to target that square (i.e. it can't be around a corner from where the trap normally targets, nor can it be far outside the range the trap is normally capable of attacking, etc.). If you choose to exclude the square from the trap's next attack, any lingering effects that the trap's attack produces (such as a cloud-based attack) will 'fill in' that square at the start of your next turn, assuming the effects persist that long.