Disruptive (Rage Power)

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Disruptive (Ex)

Requires: Barbarian 1, Superstitious Mien
Benefit: Once per round as a free action, you can activate this rage power to inflict a -4 penalty to Caster Checks made to cast spells or use spell-like abilities defensively for all enemies that are within your threatened area. This penalty to enemy Caster Checks to concentrate only applies if you are aware of the enemy's location and are capable of taking an attack of opportunity. If you have already used all of your attacks of opportunity for the round, this increase does not apply. The penalty to the Caster Check to concentrate increases to -5 at 10th level, -6 at 20th level, and -7 at 30th level.


  • 10th Level: You can apply Disruptive to an enemy you that has your Doodlebug applied to it, even if they are outside of your threatened area, as long as you have attacks of opportunity available to you. If you do not know the Doodlebug rage power, or you didn't activate it this round, this benefit has no effect.
  • 20th Level: This power now affects creatures even if you have no attacks of opportunity available.
  • 30th Level: You may now activate this power and Doodlebug together even in rounds in which you could normally only activate a single rage power. You must know the Doodlebug rage power to use this benefit.