Distance Thrower (Feat)

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You are accurate with thrown weapons at longer ranges than normal.

Prerequisites: Level 1

Unlocks: Point-Blank Shot (Feat), Distant Shot (Feat), Far Shot (Feat)

Benefit: With a thrown weapon, you reduce your penalty on ranged attack rolls due to range by 2. In essence, you ignore the first range penalty. This does not increase the maximum range you may throw your weapon.

Special: You may take this feat more than once. Each time, you reduce your penalty on ranged attack rolls with thrown weapons by an additional 2. The most times you can take this feat is five times. In no case does it ever confer a bonus to hit, only eliminating the penalties for range.

Special: If you also have the Point Blank Shot (feat), then the range of your thrown weapon is counted as beginning at 30 feet from your space. IE, there is no range penalty for the first 30 feet, plus the first two range increments of your chosen throwing weapon.