Dual Charge

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A dual charge occurs when a particularly powerful ongoing (non-instantaneous) effect, nearly always from a spell, but sometimes from a supernatural ability, is applied to a subject. When an effect lays a dual charge, it applies both an Arcane Bonus and a Divine Bonus to the target. Both of these bonus types are now in use, and should the same subject get affected by a new effect which would lay either an Arcane Bonus, a Divine Bonus, or a new Dual Charge, they must choose whether to keep their current effect, or replace it with the new one (even if the new one lays only an Arcane Bonus or a Divine Bonus). A creature may have both an Arcane Bonus and a Divine Bonus present on themselves simultaneously, but they can never have more than one Arcane Bonus, or more than one Divine Bonus present at the same time.