Elbow Strike (Rage Power)

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Elbow Strike (Ex)

Requires: Barbarian 1, Urban Mien
Benefit: Once per round, as part of either a standard attack action or a full attack action, you can gain a bonus unarmed attack at your full attack bonus (in addition to your regular attack(s)). This attack does not provoke attacks of opportunity. The attack bonus of Elbow Strike is identical to that of your main-hand weapon, including any enhancement bonuses, feat bonuses, etc. The damage that Elbow Strike deals is 1 point of base weapon damage + CHA modifier, plus any enhancement bonuses or feat bonuses your main weapon normally adds to damage. However, you do not add your STR or CON modifiers to this damage. Elbow Strike deals lethal bludgeoning damage and belongs to the "Close" weapon group.


  • 10th Level: Add your STR modifier to the lethal bludgeoning damage of Elbow Strike.
  • 20th Level: Add your CON modifier to the lethal bludgeoning damage of Elbow Strike.
  • 30th Level: The base weapon damage of Elbow Strike is now the same as your weapon's base weapon dice. This means the total damage of Elbow Strike is the same as your main hand weapon damage and all modifiers/adders, but also adds your CHA modifier. (Improved from base weapon damage of 1.)