Expert Throw (Rage Power)

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Expert Throw (Ex)

Requires: Barbarian 1, Urban Mien
Benefit: Once per round as a free action, you can calculate your next thrown weapon attack's to-hit and damage rolls as though it had the Strength-Based weapon quality, allowing you to use your STR + CON modifiers instead of your DEX + CON modifiers, as long as that attack is made before the start of your next turn. If your thrown weapon already has the Strength-Based weapon quality, you instead gain a +2 bonus to-hit and a +4 bonus to damage with the attack. If you fail to make an attack modified by this rage power before the start of your next turn, or if the attack misses, the activation is wasted.


  • 10th Level: When you activate Expert Throw, it now applies to all thrown weapon attacks you make until the end of your current turn.
  • 20th Level: Once per round, a creature successfully damaged by a thrown attack which was modified by your Expert Throw rage power must make a Reflex save vs. DC 10 + half your barbarian level + your CHA modifier, or be knocked Prone. You may declare which target must make this save after you have rolled your to-hit roll.
  • 30th Level: Add your CHA modifier to the damage done by any thrown attack you have augmented with Expert Throw. This additional damage is considered part of the weapon's normal damage and is multiplied on a critical hit (the same as your STR or CON modifier damage).