Explosive Charge (Rage Power)

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Explosive Charge (Su)

Requires: Barbarian 22, Primal Mien
Benefit: Once per round as part of a charge attack action, you can become a living missile, exploding in a cataclysmic burst which decimates your foes. If your charge attack hits, in addition to dealing your normal damage, your target and all creatures within 30 feet of your charge target must make a Reflex save vs. a DC of 10 + half your barbarian level + your WIS modifier, or take 1d6 per 3 barbarian levels (drop fractions) plus your WIS modifier as fire damage. Creatures which succeed on their saves take only half damage. If your charge attack misses, the activation of this power is lost.
Explosive Charge cannot be activated in the same charge attack action as another rage power which is activated on a charge attack action.


  • 10th Level: -
  • 20th Level: -
  • 30th Level: Your Explosive Charge damage may now be considered Primal damage, which ignores ER. If you choose to inflict fire instead, the radius increases to 50 feet, and the save DC increases by 2.