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Feat Name Category Level Increase Prerequisites Benefit
Vacuum Slash Epic Level 21, Dex 23, Str 23, Weapon Focus, Epic (Feat), Weapon Specialization, Epic (Feat), Weapon Supremacy (Feat) Once per round, slide a struck foe 1d6 squares.
Valiant Steed Animal Animal or magical beast Animal or familiar gains a +4 morale bonus versus fear, and you gain a +1 feat bonus on Handle Animal and Ride checks
Vast Spell Epic +6 Caster level 21, Widen Spell (Feat) Spell area increased by x10 in all dimensions, though range is not increased
Verdant Spell Epic +7 Caster Level 21, Knowledge (Nature) 24 ranks Spell causes Nascent damage and creates hindering vines, possibly entangling creatures within.
Vermin Heart General Wild Empathy class feature, or, Familiar class feature Treat vermin with spells and class features as if they were animals
Vice Grip Combat BAB +1 You reduce the size penalty for wielding an over-sized weapon by 1
Vicious Stomp Combat Combat Reflexes (Feat), Unarmed Strike, Improved (Feat) When opponent falls prone adjacent to you, it provokes an unarmed attack of opportunity from you
Voice of the Sibyl General Cha 15 +1 scaling feat bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, and Perform (Oratory) checks
Void Palm Epic Level 21, Launching Palm (Feat), Void Step (Feat) During a full unarmed attack action, make free bull rushes with each attack and follow your foe up to your base speed.
Void Step Epic Level 21, Dex 27, Blinding Speed (Feat) Move your base speed once per encounter as a swift action.
Volcanic Rage Epic Barbarian 21 Rage that provides immunity to bleeds, crits and precision damage, as well as a Fire damage aura.
Volley Fire Teamwork Point-Blank Shot (Feat) Gain a bonus to-hit with ranged or thrown attacks if your partner made a ranged or thrown attack this round.