Field Repair (Feat)

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You can repair your broken weapon, armor, or other items to serviceability even without the benefits of artisan tools.

Prerequisites: Level 6, Profession 6 ranks

Related: Creator (Feat), Fortified Armor Training (Feat)

Benefit: If you are trained in a Profession skill appropriate to a broken item, you can repair that item with no raw material cost and no penalty on your Profession skill check for using improvised tools. If you spend a full hour of work, you can remove the broken condition from an item exactly as if you were using a Mending cantrip. If the item has a Durability score, each successive use of Field Repair restores a point of Siege damage, up to the maximum Durability score.

Unlike Mending, Field Repair has no range, but also has no weight limit, although large objects double the time required for each size category above Medium. IE, two hours for Large, four hours for Huge, eight hours for Gargantuan, and sixteen hours for Colossal and larger.

Items repaired with Field Repair are completely functional, but they are certainly not as pretty as they were before they were repaired. To restore appearance to like-new requires a day of work in a proper shop.

Special: Field Repair can be used on magic items if the character also has the Creator feat and their effective caster level is high enough to equal or exceed the caster level of the broken item. Field Repair can also be used on Constructs if the character has the Creator feat and their effective caster level is equal to or higher than the hit dice of the Construct.

Normal: Improvised tools impose a -2 penalty on Profession checks. Items require raw materials to repair.

Table - Profession Skills
Item Profession Skill
Armor or shield Armorsmith
Longbow, shortbow, or arrows Bowyer
Composite longbow or composite shortbow Bowyer
Composite longbow or composite shortbow with high strength rating Bowyer
Crossbow, or bolts Weaponsmith
Simple melee or thrown weapon Weaponsmith
Martial melee or thrown weapon Weaponsmith
Exotic melee or thrown weapon Weaponsmith
Mechanical trap Trapsmith
Very simple item (wooden spoon) Varies
Typical item (iron pot) Varies
High-quality item (bell) Varies
Complex or superior item (lock) Varies
1 - Traps have their own rules for construction.