Gravity Bow (Spell)

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Level: Sorcerer/Wizard 1
School: Evocation
Elemental School: metal 1, void 1


Casting Time: Standard Action
Components: V, S


Range: Touch
Target or Area: one target creature, creatures touched, which can be yourself
Duration: Until the end of the current encounter, the end of the next encounter, or until the start of a full night's rest, whichever is sooner
Saving Throw: Harmless (Will negates)
Save DC: 10 + caster stat modifier + spell level
Spell Resistance: Yes


Gravity Bow significantly increases the power of missiles fired from a projectile weapon wielded by the creature touched. Any projectile fired by the creature touched when the spell is cast deals damage as if one size larger than it actually is (see Table: Base Weapon Damage by Size), up to a maximum of size Large. This spell has no effect on Siege Weapons too large to be carried as a normal weapon. (Thus, the Hand Onager is the largest weapon this spell will affect.)
For instance, an arrow fired from a Medium longbow normally deals 1d8 points of damage, but it would instead deal 2d6 points of damage if fired from a Gravity Bow. Only the creature touched can benefit from this spell.
This spell lays an arcane or divine charge on its target(s), depending on the caster who is casting the spell. If the targets are something other than you or another creature (such as an object or area), the spell lays an arcane or divine charge on you, the caster. Divine casters lay a divine charge, and arcane casters lay an arcane charge. Targets which already have an arcane or divine charge present must choose which to keep if the new spell has the same charge type. Only one arcane charge and one divine charge can ever be present on a target at a time.