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  • Range: varies (typically between 20 and 300 feet)
  • Requires Line of Sight? Yes
  • Requires Line of Effect? No
  • Usable for Combat Targeting? Yes
  • Bonus/Penalty vs. Stealth? Unmodified perception check
  • Ignores Invisibility? No

Description: Heartsight allows the possessing creature to see the aura of other humanoid races, which gives them a vision-based form of Lifesense against humanoids, requiring line of sight, but not line of effect, to work. A creature with Heartsight can see what, to them, appears to be a pool of light around living humanoids, granting the possessor the equivalent of Darkvision to all squares within a 10' radius of those humanoids, as long as they are inside the range of the Heartsight. This invisible glow around humanoids can be seen by a creature with Heartsight even if there is no light at all. Heartsight is not impeded by a humanoid's clothing, armor or equipment unless it specifically impedes line of sight (such as a tower shield).

Note that, while the range of Heartsight can increase substantially, the radius of each humanoid's visible aura never increases beyond 10 feet.