Heedful Jeer (Feat)

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Even the most hardened foes fear the lash of your tongue.

Prerequisites: Warlord 1

Unlocks: Discouraging Word (Feat), Heedful Jibe (Feat), Pin Down (Feat), Taunt (Feat)

Benefit: Once per round as a swift action, the Warlord may choose 1 enemy that he threatens to become Nervous. The Nervous condition persists until the creature makes an attack against the Warlord, makes an attack which includes the Warlord, or the end of the encounter, whichever is sooner. When making the attack against the Warlord, the creature takes no penalties from the Nervous condition, and once the attack is resolved the condition ends, hit or miss. There is no save for this effect. Creatures which are immune to fear are immune to this ability.