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Condition Severity: Moderate

   An ill wind has blown over you, leaving only bad fortune in its wake.


  • You cannot spend any action points.
  • You cannot use any ability, either granted or your own, to re-roll any die roll.
  • Any time you roll a critical hit, it is resolved as a regular hit instead.
  • The first attack you make each round automatically misses.

Ended By

  • You (or an ally) can spend a full round action to retrieve a candle from your pack, light it through non-magical means, and then speak your name three times. You must have both a candle and a non-magical source of fire somewhere on your person. Doing so causes the Hexed condition to immediately end.
  • It is the act of lighting the candle is what breaks the hex, so existing sources of fire will not count, nor will magically produced fire.
  • Lighting a candle and speaking a name three times only breaks the Hex on the person whose name is spoken. If other allies are also Hexed, the candle ritual must be performed once per character. (You can snuff out (free action) and re-light (standard action) the same candle, and then speak the new name three times (free action), if you wish.)
  • Ending a hex this way is a supernatural ability (that anyone can do), and cannot be performed in an area where magic is inaccessible.
  • Each time the ritual is performed, it provokes attacks of opportunity as though it were a single action, regardless of how many actions the character needs to actually use to perform it.
  • If not cleared, Hexed automatically ends after 1 hour.