Howling Charge (Rage Power)

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Howling Charge (Su)

Requires: Barbarian 1, Feral Mien
Benefit: Once per round as part of a charge action, you can augment your charge attack with a thunderous shout that pierces your enemies. If your charge attack hits your target, in addition to dealing your normal charge damage to your target, you also deal your CHA modifier as sonic damage to the target and all creatures adjacent to the target. Affected enemies other than the target of your charge may make a Fortitude save, DC of 10 + half your Barbarian level + CHA modifier to reduce this sonic damage by half. The charge target does not get a save against this damage. If the charge attack misses, this activation provides no benefit.
Howling Charge cannot be activated in the same charge attack action as another rage power which is activated on a charge attack action.


  • 10th Level: Howling Charge now inflicts sonic damage on all creatures within 10 feet of the target creature's space. (Note that this is 10 feet out in all directions from the creature's space, if it is greater than size medium.)
  • 20th Level: The sonic damage from Howling Charge only affects enemy creatures. Your friends have learned to ignore you when you get like this.
  • 30th Level: The sonic damage dealt by Howling Charge is equal to triple your CHA modifier.