Huge Gruesome Centipede (Basic Lore)

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Huge Gruesome Centipede

Huge Gruesome Centipede (CR 16)

Neutral - Huge - Vermin
Huge gruesome centipedes are vast insectile horrors with a long, segmented body, dozens or hundreds of legs, vicious stingers at the back of their bodies, and long, hooked jaws that inject venom into prey.
These vile things can infest ruins and caves, swamps and fens, bogs and plains and grasslands. Anywhere there is space for these huge vermin to breed and feed, they can gain a foothold and thrive.
Like smaller centipedes, the Huge versions are inveterate hunters and seekers of prey, always restlessly roaming and searching for food. They have surprisingly fast movement for things the size of a wagon, and their remarkable Climb speed in something so large is sure to be a terrible surprise for the unwary.