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Condition Severity: Weak

   You feel a sense of dread at the prospect of attacking this enemy.


  • If you attack the creature which Humbled you before the end of your next turn, or include that creature in the effects of an attack, whether your attack hits or misses, you suffer a -2 penalty to your armor class for the remainder of the encounter.
  • This is a fear effect.

Ended By

  • The Humbled condition automatically ends at the end of your next turn, whether you attack the creature which Humbled you or not.
  • The armor class penalty caused by attacking the creature which Humbled you, if you gained it, persists until the end of the encounter and can only be removed by use of Restoration (Spell), Restoration, Greater (Spell), Wish, Limited (Spell), Wish (Spell), or some ability which emulates the effects of one of these spells.
  • If the same creature which Humbled you also inflicts any of the Vexed, Antagonized, or Compelled status conditions on you, the Humbled condition immediately ends.