Jacked Attack (Feat)

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What?! You are attacking...ALL wrong! How does that even work?!

Prerequisites: Level 6, Proficiency in Special Weapon (see below)

Related: Weapon Focus (Feat), Weapon Specialization (Feat), Jokers Strike (Feat), Janky Spanky (Feat)

Benefit: If you make melee or thrown weapon attacks with a special weapon, you gain +1 feat bonus to-hit and +1 feat bonus to base weapon damage.

A Special Weapon, for this feat and all related feats, is any weapon that may inflict two (or more) different kinds of damage as a base Weapon Aspect. For example, the lowly Dagger or Morningstar may inflict either of two types of damage as part of the base Weapon Aspect, and as a result, if proficiently wielded, this feat applies to it. This ONLY applies to base Weapon Aspects! Adding a Weapon Property, Alchemical mixture, Spell effect, or any other effect that deals a second kind of damage does NOT qualify for this feat's benefits to apply.

Special: This Feat also applies to weapons that do their base weapon aspect damage as an Uncommon or Rare damage type, such as Hacking, Buffeting, Drilling, or Spindling. When proficiently wielding a weapon that does its base Weapon Aspect damage in such an Uncommon or Rare damage type, this feat adds a +1 feat bonus to-hit and a +2 feat bonus to base weapon damage. Examples of such weapons are the Battleaxe, Great Club, Pickaxe, Shuriken, or Harpoon.

Note: This feat does not require either Weapon Focus or Weapon Specialization, but its effects stack with both those feats and all associated feats that add bonuses to-hit or damage.

Note: If a weapon does both two kinds of damage and a rare or uncommon weapon damage, this feat grants ONLY the largest applicable bonus, not both bonuses. Sorry, all you Dwarven Urgrosh fans!