Know the Enemy (Spell)

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Level: Cleric 1Paladin 1Ranger 1
School: Universal


Casting Time: Standard Action
Components: V, S, M (A page torn from a non-fiction book, worth 1 gp.)


Range: Self
Target or Area: You
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: No saving throw granted
Save DC: -
Spell Resistance: Yes


You commune with the divine, reflecting on one type of creature you encountered in the last day, or during combat with an unidentified creature. You may make a Knowledge check regarding that creature type with a +2 Divine Bonus, +1 per 10 full caster levels (dropping fractions; i.e. +3 at level 10, +4 at level 20, and +5 at level 30). The knowledge check is considered part of the same action as casting the spell.