Kobold Draconian (Basic Lore)

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Kobold Draconian

Kobold Draconian (CR 4)

Lawful Evil - Small - Humanoid (Kobold)
Kobolds revere dragons and tend to dwell in and around places where dragons are known to lair. They skulk in the darkness, hiding from stronger foes and swarming to overwhelm weaker ones. Kobolds are cowardly and usually flee once bloodied unless a strong leader is present. Kobolds like to set traps and ambushes. If they can't get their enemies to walk into a trap, they try to sneak up as close as they can and then attack in a sudden rush.
Kobold Draconians are kobolds who have been granted divine powers by their draconic patron. This patron is nearly always the dragon who rules the local region the kobolds inhabit. Kobold Draconians provide leadership to other kobolds, as well as teaching their community how to more closely serve their dragon masters. Of course, not all kobolds appreciate this guidance, and many view the Kobold Draconians as zealots and madmen -- sort of the sandal-wearing, heavily bearded, "end is nigh" types of the kobold community. Not that kobolds can grow beards.
Physically, Kobold Draconians look no different than other kobolds, except for how they dress. They favor robes and staves, rather than armor and weapons. They tend to be smarter than their brethren, but weaker, and lack some of the clever tricks the warriors of their community use in combat.