Leatherleaf (Basic Lore)

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Leatherleaf (CR 6)

Neutral - Medium - Plant
Leatherleaf refers to extremely hardy and very dangerous plants that infest the wilds. Leatherleafs thrive anywhere with good access to sunlight, water, and victims. In a pinch, they can do without water, as long as victims are available.

Leatherleafs are mobile plants, able to creep about at a surprising pace for a plant. They are extremely hard to damage or destroy and quite deadly. Fortunately, leatherleaf is a fairly distinctive looking plant, with its stiff, leathery leaves, thick sturdy stems and branches, and copious assortment of poisonous thorns.

A leatherleaf infestation is best burned out from a distance; their intensely allergenic leaves and deadly raking stems are best avoided at all costs.