Low-Light Vision

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  • Range: varies, see below
  • Requires Line of Sight? Yes
  • Requires Line of Effect? No
  • Usable for Combat Targeting? Yes
  • Bonus/Penalty vs. Stealth? Unmodified perception check
  • Ignores Invisibility? No

Description: Creatures with low-light vision can see equally well in bright light and in dim light. They are able to discern colors and target creatures in dim light as though it were bright light. Thus creatures in dim light do not have concealment against creatures with low-light vision. Low-light vision does not allow characters to see anything that they could not see otherwise -- invisible objects are still invisible, and illusions are still visible as what they seem to be. Likewise, low-light vision subjects a creature to gaze attacks normally.

Low-Light Vision also converts darkness which is adjacent to dim light into dim light for the creature possessing the low-light vision. This converted band of dim light is equal to the total light radius of the light source, to a maximum of 60 feet. Thus, a torch provides 30 feet of bright light and 30 feet of dim light. To a creature with low-light vision, all 60 feet of the bright and dim light of the torch are treated as bright light, and the space beyond 60 feet out to 120 feet (60 additional feet) are now treated as dim light, and creatures within that zone gain concealment (20% miss chance). Obviously, this doesn't actually change the nature of the light, it only changes the way the creature with low-light vision perceives the lit area.

Creatures with low-light vision also have Standard Vision, unless the creature's description specifically states otherwise.