Lunge (Feat)

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"En Garde!"

Prerequisites: BAB +6

Unlocks: Monkey Lunge (Feat), Weapon Focus (Feat)

Benefit: You can increase the reach of your melee attacks by 5 feet until the end of your turn by taking a -2 penalty to your AC until your next turn. You must decide to use this ability before any attacks are made. All attacks made using Lunge receive +1 to-hit.

Note: If you are using a reach weapon, this increases the reach by 5 more feet, but also increases the area adjacent to you which is not threatened, by 5 feet. If your weapon has the Inclusive Reach property, which normally threatens adjacent squares and the squares in its reach, it gains a 5-foot area adjacent to you which you do not threaten (in addition to gaining 5 more feet of reach).