Mana's Red Bane (Rage Power)

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Mana's Red Bane (Ex)

Requires: Barbarian 22, Superstitious Mien
Benefit: Once per round as a free action, you can activate Mana's Red Bane to cause your next attack to temporarily suppress your target's ability to use one of its spell, spell-like or supernatural abilities. If your attack hits, in addition to dealing normal damage, the first special ability of that creature listed on its bestiary entry that is either a spell, spell-like or supernatural ability is suppressed, and the creature is unable to use it or sustain it (if applicable) until the start of your next turn. Note that this is considered a 'condition' for purposes of creatures with roles, such as heavies and threats, and such creatures are immune (or partially immune) to this rage power's effects. If your attack misses, or if you fail to make an attack against a creature with a spell, spell-like or supernatural ability before the start of your next turn, the activation provides no benefit.


  • 10th Level: -
  • 20th Level: -
  • 30th Level: When you activate Mana's Red Bane, its effects can be applied to up to two attacks you make before the start of your next turn. One of these attacks must be your next attack, and you must declare that Mana's Red Bane is augmenting an attack before you make the roll. If you attack a creature that has already had all of its spell, spell-like and supernatural abilities suppressed, the attack does nothing other than its normal damage.