Manastone, Large

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  • Cost: 1,000 gp
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
Manastones are small pseudo-crystals that are formed through a magic ritual requiring a circle of magic users. The manastone itself is technically not a physical object at all, despite feeling like a crystal. Instead, it is pure mana that has been coalesced and compressed into a stable form. They are not dangerous (particularly), and won't shatter or explode if dropped, though eating them is strongly discouraged.

Large manastones can be used to power any two-handed hand-held magic item which uses expendable charges, such as staves (note that magic rods use a special small form of magic charges and are not compatible with large manastones). A large manastone starts with 15 'large' charges. To use a large manastone, you hold it in one hand, with the two-handed item you wish to empower in your other hand, and spend a full hour concentrating on the item. Once the hour has passed, the item gains 15 charges, up to its maximum (staves, for example, cannot contain more than 15 charges at once), and the manastone is expended, crumbling to dust. Any charges over and above the maximum that the item can hold are wasted. You cannot partially discharge a manastone, or otherwise try to split how many charges are recharged; it's all or nothing.

  • Crafting: Spellcraft (DC 150; this DC can be split evenly among the magic users in a mage's circle ritual); requires that the creator(s) be in the presence of a ley line.