Mass Combat Maneuvers (Feat)

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You can make Combat Maneuvers against many foes at once.

Prerequisites: Level 26, Improved Combat Maneuvers (Feat)

Benefit: You receive a +1 feat bonus on skill checks made to attempt any Combat Maneuver (i.e. any Maneuver Offense rolls) . This bonus stacks with the bonus from Improved Combat Maneuvers (Feat). In addition, when you perform a combat maneuver, you can apply that skill result to up to three foes within your melee reach. This feat does not apply to the Charge, Grapple, Overrun, Tumble, or Withdraw combat maneuvers.

Special: When you succeed at a Combat Maneuver, the damage you deal to your targets is the same as the damage you deal with your normal melee attacks (i.e. it includes your ability modifiers, feat bonuses, weapon enhancement bonuses, bonus damage from magic weapon properties, etc.). This damage type is the same as that inflicted by the base Combat Maneuver. However, you may not add any types of precision damage, such as a rogue's Sneak Attack, ranger's Quarry, etc., nor may you apply any effects that rely upon an attack, like a paladin's Smite Enemy, a prowler's Imperiling Jolt, or a fighter's Challenge. This additional damage does not apply to the Charge, Cleave, Tumble or Withdraw maneuvers.