Medium Water Elemental (Basic Lore)

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Medium Water Elemental

Medium Water Elemental (CR 3)

Neutral - Medium - Outsider (Elemental)
Whether a patch of odd crystals in a ruined corridor, a pool of oddly turbulent water in a forest grove, a roaring breeze even indoors, or a cozy campfire with malevolent eyes, elementals can be found almost anywhere. Many elementals are spontaneous manifestations, creatures of elemental nature that have arisen from either natural or unnatural circumstance. Other elementals are deliberately made things, summoned or created by those with malevolent purpose, set as immortal guardians or stalkers of the world.
Elementals may be fairly common or quite rare, depending upon the setting. In all cases, elementals provide plenty of challenges and fun for those heroic enough to face them.
Water is the most mutable of material, so it is fitting that water elementals have no real 'shape' at all, merely being a mass of water, impossibly coherent and suspended against the pull of gravity, moving with savage speed and deadly effectiveness to drag you under and drown you.
Water elementals can be very hard to spot, as they lurk in larger bodies of water. Once they begin to act, however, they are distinct, the turbulence of their motions and the deadly menace of their attention making them easy to single out.
A Medium water elemental is 8 feet long and weighs 434 pounds.