Necklace of Fire +1

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Necklace of Fire +1

Necklace of Fire +1

CL 1 Neck Slot Item • Weak Evocation
Cost: 2,500 gp
Weight: 1 lbs.
Family: Necklace of Fire
A Necklace of Fire is a finely made golden neck item that can come in many varieties, from the delicate to the ornate to the massive. No matter the appearance, it always includes in the design a pendant in the form of a tiny crystal brazier, which is magically filled with some sort of highly pungent and flammable alchemical fuel. Upon command, as a standard action, this fuel ignites and burns no matter the circumstances. This flame persists under water, in vacuum, buried, capped with a force effect, etc. The flame does no harm to any creature or item unless further commanded by the wearer. It sheds normal light in your square and all adjacent squares. While activated, the Necklace gives the normal penalties for Stealth and Invisibility for possessing a light source. While it is not lighted, it gives the same penalties to creatures using any Scent-based sense, due to the aromatic and pungent fuel.

A Necklace of Fire +1 grants the following powers to an attuned wearer:
Immolation: As a move action, the wearer may cause the flaming alchemical fuel in the necklace to splash over their body. They erupt in flames, shedding light as a torch, but they are not harmed as long as they are attuned. Any foe who attacks the wearer in melee, hit or miss, (even if using a reach weapon), takes (Order 1 damage): 1d6 points of damage per character level (max 35d6 at character level 35) as fire (energy, common) damage, up to once per round per attacker. The fire persists until the end of the encounter, or the wearer spends a swift action to dismiss it. Using this power does not extinguish the flame in the necklace.

The owner of this magic item must wear it continuously for 24 hours to attune it to their aura, and until that time has passed, it provides no benefits to the wearer.

Creation: Creator (Feat), Bailiwick Check (DC 12 (10 + double CL)), Languid (tier 1) remnant, An item symbolic of the enchantment, 1,250 gp (minus cost of symbolic item).