Orc Shaman (Basic Lore)

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Orc Shaman

Orc Shaman (CR 5)

Chaotic Evil - Medium - Humanoid (Orc)
Orc Shaman are common additions to Orc raiding parties, though there tend to be very few of them. As a general rule, Orcs favor brute savagery over the more complex and time-consuming deep-thought required to attune oneself to the forces of nature and wield them as weapons. Of course, Orc Shaman are not looked down upon once they achieve this arsenal, as such derision is often corrected with great pleasure and showmanship. Needless to say, few orcs need more than three or four reminders of why you don't pick on the runty orc in robes. (It's not that the average orc is dumb, it's just that they need to be sure it wasn't a fluke the first few times.)
Orc Shaman have spent years cultivating a relationship with one or more nature spirits native to the area their tribe calls home. They are spontaneous casters, like sorcerers. While they are also quite capable with a quarterstaff, they eschew its use in combat, relying in their magical prowess to smite their foes and bring honor to their clan.