Paladin Spells

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1st 2nd 3rd 4th

Level 1 Paladin Spells

Name Description
Bane Enemies take holy (energy, rare) damage when struck by the casters empowered allies.
Bed of Iron Armor Check penalties are reduced, and you can sleep comfortably in armor without suffering fatigue.
Bless Allies gain a scaling Divine Bonus on attack rolls and saves.
Bungle Inflict a penalty on a target's d20 roll as an immediate action.
Cause Fear One creature gains the Cringing condition.
Command One subject obeys selected command for 1 round.
Compel Hostility Encourages opponents to attack you instead of your allies.
Create Water Creates 2 gallons/lvl of pure water.
Cure Light Wounds Cures 2d8 damage + 1/lvl (max +10).
Detect Poison Detects poison in a creature or object.
Disguise Self Changes your appearance.
Disrupt Undead Ray deals Positive Energy Damage to one Undead in range.
Divine Favor You gain an increasing Divine Bonus on attack and damage rolls.
Divine Trident Holy power strikes up to three foes in a cone next to your space.
Doom One subject is Shaken and risks a Synergy.
Embrace Destiny Dice with Fate, for good or ill.
Empower Holy Water You empower a flask of Holy Water to deal additional damage.
Endure Elements Exist comfortably in hot or cold regions.
Ghoul Touch Damages one living target you touch.
Grace Movement doesn't provoke attacks of opportunity.
Honeyed Tongue Roll 2 dice for some uses of Diplomacy, take higher roll.
Horn of Pursuit Create 3 notes that can be heard up to five miles away.
Inflict Light Wounds Negative energy touch, dealing 2d8 damage +1/lvl (max +10).
Kinetic Reverberation Channels the force of your actions into a ray of Force damage.
Knight's Calling Forces target to move toward you and fight you.
Know the Enemy Gain a scaling Divine Bonus on a monster Knowledge check.
Liberating Command Restrained target may make an Escape Artist check to escape as an immediate action.
Life Pact Affected creatures automatically donate hp to stabilize fallen ally.
Linebreaker You gain many scaling bonuses to force your way into enemy lines.
Litany of Sloth Single target cannot make attacks of opportunity for 1 round.
Litany of Weakness Single target is weakened for 1 round.
Longstrider Your speed with all types of movement you possess increases.
Magic Weapon Transform a weapon into a similar sort of weapon that is better suited for yourself or for allies.
Peacebond Locks a weapon in place on the target's body.
Read Magic Read scrolls and spellbooks.
Reinforce Armaments Temporarily mitigates the Fragile (Quality) in targeted weapon or armor.
Resistance Subject gains +1 bonus on saving throws.
Restoration, Lesser Removes a weak status condition.
Sanctify Corpse Prevent a corpse from becoming an undead.
Summon Monster II Summons one Summoned Monster to fight for you.
Swift Girding Your allies are instantly suited up.
Tactical Acumen Your or your allies gain an additional bonus on attack rolls or to AC due to battlefield positioning.
Tap Inner Beauty Gain a bonus on all Charisma-based skill checks.
True Strike Gain a bonus on your next attack roll.
Twilight Haze Illusory fog obscures vision.
Virtue Subject instantly gains 1 temporary hp.
Wave Shield Water blunts one incoming attack or fire effect as an immediate action.
Weapons Against Evil Enchant weapons to bypass the DR of evil-aligned creatures.

Level 2 Paladin Spells

Name Description
Agonizing Rebuke Cause rapturous distress and pain to a target if it attacks you.
Air Step Tread on air, with limitations.
Blade Tutor's Spirit Attack penalties you choose to suffer are reduced.
Blindness/Deafness Makes subject blind to sight or sound, dazzled if they make their save, and at risk of a Synergy.
Burning Gaze Inflict fire damage and Burned to creatures simply by looking at them.
Burst of Radiance Fills area with shimmering light, blinding (or dazzling) creatures for 1 round and damaging them.
Effortless Armor Armor you wear no longer slows your speed.
Endure Elements, Communal As Endure Elements (Paladin Spell), but you may protect several creatures you touch.
Gentle Repose Preserves one corpse.
Heroism Gives +2 bonus on attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks.
Hold Person Paralyzes one humanoid creature for a brief time.
Invisibility Subject is invisible until the end of its next encounter.
Juxtaposition Swaps places with the caster and an enemy creature.
Litany of Defense Grants a target ally temporary hit points as an immediate interrupt.
Litany of Eloquence Cloisters a single creature for 1 round.
Litany of Righteousness Bless an ally's attack with bonus Holy (energy, rare) damage.
Litany of Warding You grant yourself or an ally a 1d4+1 Divine Bonus to AC against 1 attack
Paladin's Sacrifice Take the damage and effects for another creature.
Reinforce Armaments, Communal As Reinforce Armaments (Paladin Spell), but you may affect multiple targets.
Resist Energy Ignores a scaling number of points of damage per attack from a specified Common energy type.
Righteous Vigor You gain an increasing Divine Bonus on attack and damage rolls.
Scare Inflict psychic damage and Cringing on one or two targets.
Summon Monster IV Summons one Summoned Monster to fight for you.
Touch of Bloodletting This spell causes any existing wounds that the target possesses to bleed profusely.
Vine Strike Bristles burst from your body, allowing you to deal additional piercing damage with melee attacks.
Wake of Light Magical trail aids allied creatures' movement.

Level 3 Paladin Spells

Name Description
Accept Affliction The caster can transfer the effects of afflictions such as curses, diseases, and poisons from the target creature to himself.
Accursed Glare Inflicts Cursed or Hexed on victims, and places them at risk of a Synergy.
Adjustable Disguise As Disguise Self (Paladin Spell), but you can change the disguise as a swift action.
Battle Trance Targets gain bonus damage to attacks while under the effects of the spell.
Bestow Curse Immediately inflict Cursed or Jinxed on a creature within your melee reach .
Bloody Arrows Conjure deadly arrows that strike unerringly.
Burst of Speed Immediately take a move action for free, and increase Walk speed until the end of the encounter.
Cure Moderate Wounds Cures 4d8 damage +1/lvl (max. +20).
Daylight 60-ft. radius of bright light, or touch a creature to inflict Light damage and Blind.
Diamond Spray You blast a ray of diamond slivers at a target in range.
Dispel Magic Cancels one magical spell or effect
Divine Transfer Transfer hit points and give DR/Common to target creature.
Final Sacrifice You disrupt the conjuring energies within a summoned creature, causing it to violently explode.
Flame Strike Smites foes with divine fire.
Heroic Fortune The target gains 1 temporary Action Point.
Hostile Juxtaposition You create a dimensional link with a targeted creature, and switch spots with it.
Inflict Moderate Wounds Melee touch attack, 4d8 damage +1/lvl (max +20).
Isolate Your ray attack causes a target to become Exiled.
Life Bubble Protects creatures from some types of sustained environmental effects.
Litany of Escape Teleports a friend out of a grapple.
Litany of Sight You can see invisible creatures until the end of your next turn.
Malediction Fell magic damages your foes, and gifts you their strength as an Action Point if you kill any of them.
Prayer Allies gain a scaling Divine Bonus on attacks and saves, and can deal Holy (energy, rare) damage.
Remove Curse Frees object or person from curse.
Resist Energy, Communal This spell functions like Resist Energy (Paladin Spell), except you can protect several creatures.
Resist Uncommon Energy Ignores a scaling number of points of damage per attack from a specified Uncommon energy type.
Summon Monster VI Summons one Summoned Monster to fight for you.
Utter Contempt Targets suffer heavy Soul (energy, rare) damage as you deride them.

Level 4 Paladin Spells

Name Description
Air Walk Subject treads on air as if solid (climb or descend at 45-degree angle).
Archon's Trumpet Inflicts heavy thundercrash damage to all targets in a 30 foot cone.
Blight Inflicts heavy Necrotic damage, to which Animals and Plants have a penalty.
Boneshatter A crackling ray deals heavy damage and inflicts wobbly.
Chains of Light Target is held immobile by glowing golden chains composed of pure light.
Cure Serious Wounds Cures 6d8 damage + 1/lvl (max +30).
Daywalker Turns an ally into a pseudo-undead, with potent benefits.
Deadly Juxtaposition You swap places with an enemy creature, dealing heavy interstice damage to it, and its allies.
Dragon's Breath Gives you a dragon's Breath Weapon.
Emblazon Crest Your distinct symbol is magically displayed on any suitable item you carry.
Fear Subjects within cone suffer Psychic damage and gain the Cringing condition.
Hold Monster Briefly paralyzes one creature of any type.
Inflict Serious Wounds Touch attack, 6d8 damage +1/lvl (max +30).
Invisibility, Greater As Invisibility (Paladin Spell), but works against all senses.
King's Castle Instantly switch places with a single ally.
Litany of Thunder A single target is damaged by a powerful crash of thunder.
Litany of Vengeance Allies attacking the target of the spell gain bonuses to their damage.
Master's Escape Switch places with one summoned creature you control.
Mind Fog Illusory fog obscures vision and causes fictive damage.
Neutralize Poison Immunizes subject against poison, or detoxifies poison in or on subject.
Reprobation Marked target is shunned.
Resist Rare Energy Ignores a scaling number of points of damage per attack from a specified Rare energy type.
Rest Eternal Dead or undead creature cannot be revived.
Restoration Removes a weak or moderate status condition.
Suffocation Target suffers heavy winded damage.
Summon Monster VIII Summons one Summoned Monster to fight for you.