Point-Blank Shot (Feat)

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You are especially accurate when making ranged attacks against nearby targets.

Prerequisites: Level 1

Unlocks: Splash Weapon Mastery (Feat), Arc Slinger (Feat), Bullseye Shot (Feat), Charging Hurler (Feat),

Charging Hurler, Improved (Feat), Clustered Shots (Feat), Distance Thrower (Feat),

Far Shot (Feat), Focused Shot (Feat), Impact Critical Shot (Feat), Parting Shot (Feat),

Pinpoint Targeting (Feat), Point-Blank Master (Feat), Precise Shot (Feat), Precise Shot, Improved (Feat),

Shot on the Run (Feat), Snap Shot (Feat), Snap Shot, Greater (Feat),

Snap Shot, Improved (Feat), Near and Far (Feat), Weapon Focus (Feat), Volley Fire (Feat)

Benefit: Within 30 feet, you take no penalties for making a ranged attack (thrown, projectile, or ray) into melee and intervening creatures (allied or enemy) do not provide cover if they are between you and your target. To gain these benefits beyond 30 feet, see Precise Shot (Feat) and Precise Shot, Improved (Feat).

Normal: Making a ranged attack against a creature which is engaged in melee (threatening an enemy creature) suffers a -4 penalty. A ranged attack against a creature who is behind intervening creatures (allied or enemy) gives the target partial cover (-2 penalty) against the attack.