Reforging, Astral Quench

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  • Cost: 1,750,000 gp
  • Weight: 0 lbs.
You employ an armorsmith to reforge your armor or shield. Doing so completely retempers and reforges it, using an astral quench, resulting in a tougher version of itself. This service is only offered in megalopoli or larger-sized settlements, and takes a full day of work.

An astral quench reforging can only be applied to the following items:

  • heavy armor
  • war shield
  • tower shield

Once applied, the AC granted by the item is permanently increased by +1, either as an Armor Bonus (if applied to armor), or as a Shield Bonus (if applied to a shield). This process permanently increases the base armor value of the item. This is a non-magical process, and stacks with magical enhancement bonuses to the armor or shield. It also stacks with a Brine Quench Reforging and/or a Blood Quench Reforging, but the AC bonus granted does not stack with itself (i.e. you cannot perform two astral quenches on the same item to get +2 AC; a maximum of +1 AC is available per item reforged with this service).

During this process, you may also choose to alter the dweomermetal used (or add a new one, if your existing armor does not have a dweomermetal already). You must pay the cost for the new dweomermetal in addition to the cost of the reforging. This step is optional, you do not need to change the dweomermetal of your armor or shield if you do not wish to do so.