Rot Fly Propagator (Basic Lore)

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Rot Fly Propagator

Rot Fly Propagator (CR 13)

Pure Evil - Large - Vermin
Manifestations of filth and chaos, rot flies are scavengers and plague-carriers. They infest areas where a great deal of death has occurred, often corrupting or killing the more natural scavengers that might be present, such as vultures, ravens and rats.
Rot flies have bodies approximately 8 feet long and around 4 feet wide. Each of their four wings is nearly 10 feet long, providing a 20 foot wingspan. Rot flies are pale, fleshy things, covered in sores. Their chaotic origins offer them a variety of appearances beyond that, with some rot flies bearing trunk-like ovipositors, while others may have black, shiny beaks like a squid's mouth. Rot flies have at least two segmented eyes (sometimes they have 3 or more), and their legs often end in chitinous piercing claws.
Rot flies will jealously attack any trespassers who come near their scavenged prey, often creating new prey sooner or later. If they can't kill their prey with brute damage, they nearly always kill it with the disease and corruption they pass on.
Rot flies typically only live about 3 weeks, but have very aggressive breeding cycles, they sleep only two hours a day, and most surprisingly, they are all females. Within two days of her birth, the rot fly enters a state of permanent pregnancy, laying as many as a hundred eggs per day. The eggs are fertilized by the chaotic magics which coruscate through the bodies of the rot flies. The eggs are injected into corpses or under the skin of living creatures and hatch within seconds of being laid. The rot fly larvae grow rapidly, and eat any meat they can find for the 48 hours it takes to molt into adulthood.
Rot fly propagators carry dozens of larval young on their own bodies, in addition to the nearly-born eggs which they carry in their ovipositors. They can spit these young at nearby targets to great effect, since the young will immediately burrow into any flesh they can reach.